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Scafati is still too hard a rock for OraSì. The Campanians won at Pala De Andrè for 81-71 in a much tighter game than the final gap would suggest, but the game was almost always led by the team that finished first in the standings. The OraSì therefore welcomed its own building with a defeat, the next matches will in fact all be played in Faenza, but it comes out of the challenge with its head held high. Even with a hint of recrimination for certain arbitration decisions that are not always linear.

Davide Denegri, author of 14 points with a good 80% on 2 and 40% on 3, expresses his bitterness for the result: “In this match, as will happen in all absentees at the end of the season, what makes the difference” These were the details. We conceded too many turnovers and too many rebounds on offense. We knew they would be the key to the game and that’s it. They were good at scoring even difficult baskets, but from a team like Scafati you can expect them, instead we should have paid more attention to what we could control. »

Indeed 15 turnovers are a figure that clashes with the seasonal average of OraSì, as well as the 10 offensive rebounds authorized. However, much of the credit goes to Scafati who has the pounds and inches to put pressure on any type of opponent. “They are big and athletic so we expected a match of this type – comments Denegri – Then it happens that the referee counter sometimes directs the course of a match, so we also played putting a lot of pressure on them and in general it came. a very physical confrontation, in line with what we should expect by the end of the playoffs”.

In addition to all this, Givova received more from the bench, 39 points out of 81, while that of OraSì scored less than usual, 21 points out of 71. “It shows why Scafati is first in the standings – underlines the number 11 of the Giallorossi (pictured) – With 10 interchangeable players, he can always keep the intensity high and he manages to place the important baskets that are necessary to win when maybe the opponent is more tired. in Forlì then in the whole clock phase we will meet opponents of this type, so these are all games that you can win or lose, but we certainly have to do something more to be able to compete at these levels.

Denegri, MVP of the month for March, would have liked to celebrate the last appearance in front of the public of the Pala de André in a different way. “It’s a great recognition, but I’m convinced that the individual performances are linked to those of the collective. So the credit goes to the team and to what we do. The public understood how hard we work and on Sunday “We saw a really nice frame. We couldn’t win their case, but the fact that they gave us a long applause means that they understood how hard we fought.”

Here is the classification of the Red group of A2 at one turn of the end of the regular season: Scafati 40 points; Verona 35; Ravenna 34; Ferrara 32; Closed 30; Cento and Forlì 28; San Severo and Latina 24; Eurobasket Roma 20; Chieti 18; Nardo 14; Blue Star Roma 12; Fabrice 6.

Stefano Pece

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