‘Too much junk food from tourists,’ suffers Machiavelli-derived celebrity cat Cuttlefish in Pixar movie ‘Luca’

He has chronic cystitis and his fame certainly doesn’t help. It’s not the right time for Seppia, a cat from Boccadasse, a district of Genoa. His expression of “grumpy” (a very common onomatopoeic word in Liguria which reproduces the sound of a growl) was used for the cat Machiavelli, one of the characters of “Luca”, the Disney-Pixar film set in Liguria and directed by director Enrico Casarosa.

The black and white cat has become so nationally famous, with an Instagram page followed by more than four thousand followers, and tourists seek him out when visiting the Genoese quarter. All this attention, however, comes with food, often real junk food, which does him no good at all.

Its owner also placed a sign with a message near the part of the wall where it stops to rest, but many people ignored it and kept feeding it to get its attention. Hence the decision to keep him at home to avoid the worst, with the hope that he can improve: “The ‘junk food’ does not help his little kidneys and not everyone understands that they are delicate animals, let’s not always say ‘don’t feed him’ is received by people – Seppia’s owner tells Genova Today – I’m sure he’ll get over it, but now he has to live a peaceful life We hope to resolve this situation because it would not be fair to close him at home and not let him go out and run around Boccadasse as he always has”.

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