Torino May 12 | food emergency

There are those who are forced to go to the market at the end of the day to rummage through the garbage to bring home the vegetables and fruits that have not been sold; there are those who are unable to put a plate on the table at the end of the day. This is the increasingly dramatic condition of those who are slowly slipping into the poor segment of the population. Old people, young people and even families, as the associations that work in Turin on behalf of the homeless tell us.

It is also by looking at them that the City of Turin has decided to systematize all these public and social actions that deal with active food policies by creating a special coordination that deals with solidarity, food culture, the fight against waste and also the promotion of the territory. .

“The idea of ​​coordination does not come from nothing”, explains Chiara Foglietta, councilor for the ecological and digital transition of the Municipality of Turin, “The city of Turin has always been involved in active food policies and was, in 2015 , the first European city to sign the Milan Urban Food Policy Pact. We have been fighting for some time and we have resumed this activity by creating a cross-sectoral and inter-actor group on food policies”.

The starting point of this path is called ‘Fusilli’, like pasta, and is a European project of the Horizon 2020 program launched at the beginning of 2021, with a duration of four years, which aims to change food policies.

Do you have a figure on the number of Turinese who are struggling to eat? “We don’t have the precise data, but the will to create this coordination serves to keep an eye on all the people who do not have access to food and to promote the right to food, to understand how many there are a and how to deal with these problems”.

What areas will you be working in? “The coordination will have four main themes which will be environmental sustainability and the circular economy; food safety and waste; urban agriculture; and cultural promotion. It should be remembered that even on food waste, this city has launched for years a project which is that of the ‘food sentinels’, who ensure that unsold food is not wasted, but goes to those who need it. need “.

In Turin, there are several realities that operate in the field of food and solidarity: there are the experiments of social urban gardens, there are those who collect unsold products in the markets and those who distribute them to families poor. “The task of this work will also be to systematize those realities that already exist; we are not inventing anything new, but we are simply trying to systematize everything around this table which will act as a coordinator. We also want to promote a certain communication between the different sectors,” concluded Councilor Foglietta.

There are other issues that the coordination will be called upon to address such as the cultural promotion of food, the enhancement of the territory, good practices against food waste. So many issues closely linked to solidarity and the fight against climate change.


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