by Francesco Paletti

How to find the “great love” of a lifetime while hanging out with the new girlfriend you’re planning the future with. If there is still room for sensations in football, it is certain that those that Ernesto Torregrossa will experience tonight will be among the most intense and heartbreaking that one can experience on a green rectangle. Him with the Nerazzurri jersey, in the colors of the team of which in just over two months he has become the suicide bomber and the leader. A feeling started immediately. With the cloakroom and the square: “From children to grandparents, here they are all fans: Pisa is a place in the south” he said in recent days. And with the coach: “Torregrossa is a formidable centre-forward, you will notice that,” declared Luca D’Angelo a few weeks after his arrival. For once unbalanced, he who is used to being careful and parking with adjectives.

“A sign of bursting? Thanks to the coach, D’Angelo asked me to play closer to the goal than in the past and he was right” admitted the striker. In short, love at first sight. Of those who almost lost their minds. If it wasn’t for those other loves. The pasts, however, “don’t end, they go huge rounds and then come back” as Venditti sings in “Amici Mai.” Like the one between Brescia and Torregrossa. With the “Rondinelle”, the suicide bomber arrived in the Olympus of Serie A. And the “Lioness”, it is the city where he decided to stop and live with his family once he has hung up the crampons. And then, ironically, Corini has been back on the bench for a week.

One for which, given in hand, Torregrossa still plays. Even if in the offensive park there are Balotelli and Donnarumma. For the Nerazzurri striker, Corini also broke a media fast that he had pledged to maintain throughout the season: “I haven’t given interviews for a while and I promised myself to not do it again for a few months, but for Ernesto I’m happy. to make an exception. the beautiful relationship that binds us”, he told La Nazione the day Pisa bought him from Sampdoria. A premise that is worth more than anything else. Tonight Torregrossa finds Brescia and it will be the first times since his departure. A more intense and mocking crossing could not reserve the god “Eupalla”. Because the one planned for the Arena will have a real match and a very heavy stake. Because on the field, there are two teams among the most strong in the category, on the upper floors from the first days. And because whoever loses tonight really risks saying goodbye to the main road that leads to Serie A, the one that passes through direct promotion. Torregrossa is the front -center of Pisa and his task is to definitively sink the dreams of glory of the former still in love. It sounds like a movie script, but that’s what is going to happen tonight at the Arena. For this reason, despite everything, football is still the most fascinating sport in the world.

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