Toscana Tour, grand finale in San Zeno – Sport

by Andrea Lorentini

The fourth and final week of the Toscana Tour 2022 is now well underway. Tomorrow, the Grand Prix of the Gold Tour will close the month of competitions and great shows at the Equestrian Center of San Zeno where the best couples at international level have competed in the different categories. The hope that after the successes of a Brazilian, Swiss and Dutch rider, in the Boccaccio arena this time an Italian rider will triumph. The Grand Prix offers an endowment of 51,500 euros and will host the first stage of the Italian Champions Tour, the show jumping circuit successfully inaugurated in 2021 by Fieracavalli in collaboration with the Federation of Equestrian Sports and the Equestrian Center of Arezzo. This year will be divided into three moments, included in prestigious international competitions that will lead the teams to the final event by Jumping Verona Fieracavalli 2022 in November. After the debut in Arezzo, it will be the turn of the oval of Piazza di Siena and therefore of one of the CSIs of the Summer Tour in San Giovanni in Marigliano, in July. Returning to the Tour of Tuscany, as usual, the week opened with competitions dedicated to young horses. Most attention, however, was focused on the 145 qualified for the Easter Grand Prix. Outstanding Italian representation asserts itself in the two-phase class designed by team course designer Gerard Lachat, Elio Travagliati, Unni Gustafsson and Emmanuel Aggelakis. Sixty-five pairs competed on the path of thirteen obstacles for fifteen total efforts in the two phases, nineteen of which both ended without error.

The first five positions were the prerogative of the blue carriers, in the first place the 1st Chief Air Force Officer Giulia Martinengo Marquet who, riding the trusty Scuderia 1918 Quick and Esay 3, stopped the clock on a very fast 27” 71. The same duo triumphed in the 1.45m Ranking Class on March 27th. Roberto Turchetto and Hurrican VDL, a ten-year-old Dutch gelding with a printed board time of 28” 47, came in second place. To complete the podium, another Italian couple with the Elu Carabinieri Filippo Marco Bologni on Bernini Gp, Italian veteran class 2009 stallion with whom he signed an impeccable course in 29 “: 03. The all-Italian domination continued with fourth place of Antonio Alfonso on Charmie, while in fifth position the Carabinieri chosen Filippo Codecasa with Lugan Van Het Lindehof.At the end of the top ten was ranked the 1st Corporal of the Italian Army Alberto Zorzi on the female Zypern III of 2007 It was a record four weeks that caught the attention of professionals, enthusiasts and ordinary people who enlivened the equestrian center of San Zeno, transformed into a center for international show jumping.

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