Totti advises Ibrahimovic: ‘Retirement? Listen to her body’

After a career filled with success and recognition, deciding to quit is not easy, especially after football has been “my whole life”. Requested by the Gazzetta dello Sport Francesco Totti has responded on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s future relive those feelings that characterized his farewell: “It’s been 5 years but the sensations I remember them all and watching Ibra in the last period, I see them again. But my situation was a little different from his. I had no particular injuries. I felt like I could still contribute, but I was quickly pushed aside and if you play three minutes or five or ten every once in a while it gets dripping. I don’t wish my senior year on my worst enemy. It was very heavy mentally. To carry. Because when after a life on the pitch you don’t play continuously, especially at a certain age, your body doesn’t rest, you make it rust. At the moment Zlatan plays little and I imagine his difficulties too because his body is a demanding machine”

Totti: “Ibrahimovic one of the greatest in the world”

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The former Roma captain has sweet words for the Swedish striker: “Ibrahimovic was one of the greatest strikers in the world. A magnificent player from all points of view: technical, athletic and with personality. An absolute leader, an exemplary professional with enormous charisma. He has marked the history of football for the past thirty years. Champions like that we would like them never to stop. Because they gave joy, emotions, they were the very essence of football. And they gave their lives to football, loving it more than anything. I think I know how he feelsthe questions that arise, the doubts, the desire that comes up against the reality of the moment. As a football fan, I hope Ibra can continue. May the annoyances that so often prevent him from entering go away tomorrow morning. It would be a gift not only for him, but for all of us who follow football. Withdrawal is too personal a decision. I hope he continues as long as he feels like it, but only if the body allows him to be as decisive as he always has been. But playing ten minutes then stopping, spending more time in the infirmary than on the pitch, being used piecemeal… Hey, it’s heavy. Ibra was a lion on and off the pitch. He also likes to be booed, and I hope for him that there is always a part of the stadium that encourages him and a part that curses him, because he fears him. Without having to drag out the end. I know what it means to have a season where you stay and watch and in my case I was physically fine as well. A year can become infinite.

Totti: “For Ibra, the future as a manager but….”

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The farewell to football is always a delicate moment, even more so for the great champions. Totti lived it on his skin: “change everything. Between changing for training or being in a manager’s suit and tie in a locker room, all the difference in the world passes. But at that time, we have to prepare. Ibra is a smart and brilliant manI also see it by the way he manages to stay in front of the cameras and I think he has very good business sense. It would have been great fun to play together. I don’t know how many goals he scored in his career, but with my assists in three or four years, he would certainly have increased by a hundred. The day he decides to resign, Ibra understands what he really wants to do: what operational role he thinks he can occupy. And when the proposal should arrive, he expects clarity and transparency. There are two questions to ask: what should i do and with whom should i do it. He needs to know right away, after that it becomes too late”


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