“Tourists are also won over by good food” – Chronicle

by Giuseppe Catapano

Emilia-Romagna is launching a communication campaign to promote DOP and PGI products to hotel and restaurant managers and customers. And he does it from Rimini: the project – of which Apt Servizi and Marr are partners – will be presented today at the Grand Hotel.

Alessio Mammi, Regional Councilor for Agriculture, what is the project about?

“Emilia Romagna has, among other things, great wealth, which are its 44 products with denomination of origin, almost 50% of the value of national production. We looked for a partner with a public selection and Marr has responded, the largest national distributor of products for the catering and hotel industry. Together, we have prepared communication, involvement and training actions for chefs to disseminate as much as possible and at all levels the values ​​and benefits of our PDOs and PGIs”.

Why was Rimini chosen to present the initiative to restaurateurs and hotel operators?

“We chose Rimini and its Grand Hotel, which are among the symbols of our Riviera. With 1.5 million visitors expected during the Easter weekend, it seemed important to us to leave here and the towns of art of Emilia-Romagna.In the materials proposed by restaurateurs and hoteliers you will find information on the products, traditional recipes revisited by the chefs of the Marr Academy, ideas for trips and appointments, as well as the Food Valley News newsletter”.

How does the collaboration with Marr materialize?

“Marr is the ideal partner for this type of project: they have the know-how of the hotel network and in the gastronomic field, and training for hotels and restaurants which in turn can reach the customer. A great collaboration has also been born on the communicative level, with video recipes and matching wines. In the project we have involved 350 hotels with catering throughout the region and 70 restaurants in Romagna alone”.

Is this a way to encourage food and wine tourism throughout the region and also in areas, such as the Riviera, which are mainly characterized by summer tourism?

“Attention to food and wine tourism is increasingly high. We are starting again after the months of the pandemic and in a difficult time for the international situation and the war in Ukraine. It is clear that the launch of Easter is the ‘summer tourism antechamber: we want to encourage the discovery of all our products, safe and of high quality, because gastronomy and wine are the economic, social and cultural heritage of Emilia-Romagna “.

Food valley, what are the next steps after the presentation?

“We have many other ideas. The first that will materialize will be an important system mission to the United States with consortia and companies in our region to promote products and strengthen a series of relationships with mass distribution and catering. We are working on the promotion of agritourisms, on fair activities, and in the fall a communication campaign will be ready for social media, with great testimonials.We are the European region with the most typical products, our identity and an important part of our economy are based on the painting, with a value that revolves around 3.5 billion euros”.

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