Turin, Brekalo acquired by Wolfsburg

White smoke for the confirmation of the player after the loan: a four-year contract is ready for him

Torino buys Josip Brekalo from Wolfsburg. And there couldn’t have been better news for Pomegranate fans to start the spring with, as the Croatian genius was one of the best talents to emerge in the first year of Juric’s management. Imagination, shots, games and even six league goals that make him the Granada player with the most goals in Serie A: in these months the club has always been satisfied with the performance of the Croatian attacking midfielder, and has now decided to buy him out entirely. It is an important, significant market movement, in the name of an increasingly qualitative future. It is the future that has already begun, thanks to the laying of this beautiful solid brick to build the future Taurus. Alongside this, there is also the acquisition of Rolando Mandragora: although obligatory, it still represents another millionaire investment for the future.

Brekalo had arrived at the Filadelfia on the last day of the summer transfer market, after a copious few months’ courtship by the technical director, Davide Vagnati. Torino managed to steal dense competition: at the time in the race there was Lazio, in the front line among the Italians, Seville and Villarreal in Spain above all, but the interests of several English clubs were also reported. Brekalo had started the trip to Granada with the loan formula from Wolfsburg, with an option for the right to buy out in favor of Torino to be exercised by March 30. What now the club will exercise. If we want it, it is, after all, a happy ending almost announced to an adventure which has met with the satisfaction of the club, of Juric (who has never stopped repeating about him: “Josip has always had good continuity , I’m satisfied with what he is doing still has a lot of room for improvement”) and also with the Brekalo family. Because it was between Turin, Toro and Josip that a real love at first sight took place. Brekalo himself never even hid it. He told it, he explained it in all the languages ​​(from English to Italian with which he is beginning to have a certain familiarity, to finish in Croatian), and in all contexts: he and his family fell in love with Turin, a city with which a special feeling was born. They want to stay here and they will stay here for the next four years. After the ransom, Brekalo will sign a four-year contract with Bull.

The unexpected Covid

Between the market and future projects, there is also the news, the story of what is happening in these hours. Because on Monday Brekalo tested positive for Covid-19 during a routine check carried out behind the Croatian national team, from which he had been called up for the next two friendly matches: the first scheduled for Saturday afternoon, in Doha. , against Slovenia. ; the second scheduled for Tuesday 29, still in Qatar, against Bulgaria. Monday, the Croatian federation had formalized the positivity to the virus: since then, Brekalo has remained in isolation in his house in Zagreb. At this time he is completely asymptomatic and thankfully he is fine. During the day, he will be subjected to a second sample, at a distance of forty-eight hours from the first: in case he immediately comes back negative (a difficult eventuality), he could also already be available for Saturday’s test against Slovenia. . Otherwise, the possibility of seeing him on the pitch in the next friendly match against the Bulgarian national team will obviously depend on the checks being repeated this weekend.


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