Turin, Juric: “Belotti? Outside his home, he is non-existent”

The grenadier castigates his side, not sparing criticism of the striker: “I expect him to play as well away from home as he did against Inter. “

He wants a season finale as much as possible. Ivan Juric says it openly: “If we do well in the last nine games of the championship, we will give positive value to the whole season. You have to be very motivated, that’s for sure. Instead, if we make a mistake, there will remain a negative flavor on a season which, from my point of view, is full of many important aspects”. So Toro comes out of the last leg of Serie A with clear ideas. and precise objectives because “the next month and a half will go in the direction of giving full meaning to the season – adds the Granada coach -. We have done an exceptional job until the January break, with results beyond all expectation and beyond all logic, from the valuation of the players to the quality of the game. The last negative results have diminished our work a little, now we must go to the maximum to give a full meaning to the season”.


Il Toro will leave tomorrow night from the guest Arechi from Salernitana. “It will be hard, difficult: they completely changed the team, and the manager too, in January. At home they are always very aggressive, everyone has suffered there, from Milan to Bologna”. The final leg gave Juric the opportunity to reflect in depth on the past two months without a win. “The break allowed us to reflect a bit. So I tell you: in these two months there have been problems and we have certainly made mistakes – explains Juric – but in the last eight games we have hit six posts, we have suffered four errors refereeing which directly influenced the results, and we conceded three goals in the final minutes. Those things changed the balance: unfortunately the results were those, but I didn’t see the decline of some players.”

Play Berisha

Tomorrow Berisha will still be in the Toro posts, confirmed after Marassi’s mistake before the break. “My intention is to continue with Berisha – announces Juric -. At the beginning of the year we made a choice on Milinkovic who, after having done very well for a long time, experienced a small setback. Berisha did well with Bologna and Inter, then that mistake escaped or maybe not… But the truth is that we concede goals without suffering penalty shootouts”.

About Belotti

Juric uses harsh words when talking about Andrea Belotti. “You all know the esteem I have always had for Belotti, and the esteem I have for his professionalism, which is very high. But he plays his home matches in a certain way, while away he is non-existent – Juric sinks -. At home he looks like a great striker, away from home much, much less. Now I expect him to play away from home like he did against Inter. I’m waiting for the Rooster in the field. Renewal ? Then you see..” Speaking of Belotti, Juric reveals the background behind his last blue appearance. It was a bad shot, just in general…”.

Aina does less and less

The discourse on individuals slips on Brekalo, “after missing ten days of work, he did two training sessions: he is fine, we will see the rest after…”. Let’s move on to Seck: “Yes, it’s one of the options to replace Pobega on the right trocar. But like Lukic, Linetty and even Brekalo, even if on the right I prefer him less”. And he ends on Aina explaining why he hasn’t played even a minute since the start of the second round: “Because he hasn’t trained well since his return from the Africa Cup . With him we did a good job in the first round, which ended well in Milan against Inter, but after the African Cup he never trained at the level he was before. Indeed, he has done less and less: he now has 45 days left to raise his level. I hope you’re OK”.


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