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Konya, March 29, 2022 – The derby of disappointed returns toItaly, who beats the return Turkey and thus tries to start again after the failure to qualify for the second World in a row. And to say that not even the evening of Konya it had started in the best possible way for the Azzurri, who in the 4th conceded the goal signed by Under with the complicity of Donnarumma who, in addition to a shivering disengagement of the feet, will redeem himself during the race by winning the duel with Calhanoglu but then still imperfect on the network signed by Dursun for the final 3-2. then Cristant kicks off the comeback perfected with a brace from Raspadoriwho is a candidate to become the offensive flagship of national of a future that will in any case be devoid of Qatar 2022: a bitterness which not only does not go away but which increases if one thinks of the rather easy simultaneous victory of Portugal on the North Macedonia.

“A pointless game for what it was worth, but you have to get it right even in negative situations – coach’s comment Roberto Mancini At the end of the match -. The younger guys did well and I’m happy. Nice reaction after the disadvantage, they did well. It was the first time they all played together, it wasn’t that simple even though the game wasn’t worth much. We will have regrets until December.”

First half

At 4′ the Turkey immediately took the lead thanks to Underwho receives the sphere of Unalejump Chiellini with a dribble and pull: the replica of Donnarumma it is not flawless and the sphere becomes bagged. I’Italy try to react on 11′ with Scamaccawho in the heel sends the cross of biraghi: at 22′ the latter starts on his own with a left-handed conclusion which flies over the crossbar. At just 35′ biraghi of the free kick favorable the blue tie, signed by a gored Cristant. I’Italy at 39′ exceeds the Turkey thanks to Raspadoriwho makes the most of the incorrect deferral of Bayindirpreviously intercepted by tonali. The Azzurri risk canceling the comeback in the 42nd minute, when Donnarumma tries to imitate the Turkish colleague and, in an attempt to get rid of the ball with his feet, hits the point Unale: the ball fortunately ends at the bottom. The blue goalkeeper redeems himself in full recovery by repelling a right-footed strike from Calhanoglu.

Second part

The duel resumes in the 52nd minute from the development of a free kick from the edge: it is always the winner Donnarumma. At the reversal the blues touches the trio with Zaccagniwho succeeded Zaniolo: its conclusion is deflected for a corner by the local defense. At 65 ‘the Turkey returns dangerous with new entry Ayhantricky on a corner scrum: Donnarumma is cautious. On the other side in the 69th minute it’s deadly Raspadoriwhich receives the headboard of biraghi on a cross of From Sciglio flying away from Soyuncu and up close he stabs Bayindir. The game appears to be over but the hosts reopen it in the 83rd minute with Dursun developments from a corner kick: well occasionally Soyuncu and its tower, less well a Donnarumma not a faultless who will redeem himself at 85′ by miraculously rejecting the head of the author of the network of 3-2 on which the curtain falls on the Pyrrhic victory ofItalyonce again out of World.

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