Turner flies high: “My Virtus without limits” – Sport

by Filippo Mazzoni

Eve of the Final Eight for the woman Virtus Segafredo who this evening at 8:45 p.m. will be on stage in San Martino di Lupari to face Campobasso in the last quarter-final of the competition. Dominant under Juventus’ basket, both in attack and defense, at 191cm tall is a tall American, Brianna Turner, shy and a little reserved off the pitch, extraordinary rebounder and deadly terminal offensive instead on the floor. “We are in a good moment of form, we find the right team chemistry – confirms the Texan – after a long time we are complete and we have a lot of energy to try to face this Final Eight which awaits us in the best possible way”. The first obstacle for Turner and his companions is called Campobasso. “It will be a difficult, difficult challenge. The women of Molise have a great composition with a top player. In the first leg we were still in the race, but now we are complete and we will face them in the best possible way. I believe that the key to the challenge will be defence.”

Your favorite for the Final Eight?

“There are a lot of top teams: Schio has something more, but above all I look at us, it’s definitely motivating to go on the pitch in matches like these where you play everything” .

The Final Eight formula resembles that of college basketball, while the championship playoffs follow that of the WNBA: you who won the NCAA title with Notre Dame in 2018 and reached the Finals with Phoenix in the Wnba this year, which one would you prefer? you ?

“Definitely the knockout round formula: faster, leaner, you can’t go wrong or you’re knocked out.”

On a personal note, how is your first season in Italy going?

“It is certainly a very positive experience. I have found a competitive championship: no challenge is taken for granted. On a personal level, I am very happy with the way I am in Bologna and Virtus and how this experience has makes it grow”.

Apart from Wnba, where she is one of the great protagonists, in her recent past, there are also other life experiences first in Australia and then in Russia.

“In Australia, thanks to the language, it was easier for me to integrate, in Russia, on the other hand, I suffered a lot from the cold and the fact that few spoke English. Here, in Italy and in Bologna, I found myself very good, I like the city and the food”.

What do you prefer?

“The tortelli and pappardelle are very good”.

Wnba aside, where do you see your future?

“I don’t know. So far I haven’t thought about it. I want to think season by season. Now I’m here at Virtus and I’ll do my best to do well with the Juventus shirt. “

Virtus who has important goals.

“Definitely yes, we have excellent players: I am convinced that we can compete at the top. The chemistry of the team is developing and we lack absolutely nothing to do well.”

Did you know Italy?

“To tell the truth, not much. I had been to Venice and Rome, I liked them. And now? Certainly yes: I found a beautiful and welcoming country”.

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