Ugl Salute, on March 27, 1992, the 118 service was born: “Presentation of the figure of the expert emergency operator”. –

On March 27, the territorial emergency and rescue service will celebrate its first 30 years.

It was in 1992 when the President of the Republic Francesco Cosiga signed the Presidential Decree “Act of direction and coordination of the regions for the determination of the levels of emergency health care”, thus implementing an activity that throughout Italy has contributed to saving many lives on a daily basis.

Even when it came to calamitous events or in the last two years of a pandemic, with operators who have always been on the front line to help the population. However, the celebration of this important anniversary will not be organized by a state body.but by some associations of the sector that, throughout the country, will give life to initiatives in the different regions, while networking for a great national event to be held on March 20 with a parade in the center of Rome.

“After so long, it’s paradoxical as a fundamental service for the health of the citizen did not have a single classification among the functions of the responsible ministry, but is delegated to the competences of the different regions – noted the national secretary of the federation Ugl Salute, Gianluca Giulianoand the national emergency coordination coordinator – emergency of Ugl Health, Giuseppe Catalano.

As a trade union

strongly represented within the category, we believe that the time has come to reform the Italian system and that at all levels (from unions to regional administrations, from parliament to government) we can start discussing whether to bring the organization of the system itself under a single departmental structure.

Actual statein fact, in Italy, for the 118 service, it is managed in 20 different ways: some are similar to each other and others have totally different characteristics. This implies objectively – underline the trade unionists of Ugl Salute – non-homogeneous levels of management, cost and efficiency between the different regional realities.

Sometimes even in the same region there are 118 management models that are not the same between provincial areas. In addition, in the context of emergency – emergency, there is still today no professional figure recognized by law, so much so that we strongly support the proposal to establish the expert emergency operator figure 118 which includes the figures of the driver – rescuer, the rescuer and the specialized technical operator.

It would allow

add Giuliano and Catalano – also a greater professionalization of those who work in this area, which should also be complemented by the contractual framework corresponding to the public sector.

This way they would be avoided many unhealthy situations, often highlighted by newspapers and television reports, which mortified the entire category consisting of well-trained and well-trained workers.

This is therefore an opportunity – to conclude with Ugl – for theinitiate a reflection aimed at guaranteeing a new qualitative leap in the emergency service – emergency 118, which is why we hope for a convergence between all the actors involved, so that the whole system can be reformed soon, for the benefit of those who work and users”.

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