Ukraine, from Leiden a ton of animal feed and a thousand doses of pesticides –

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Volunteers brought relief to the border of the occupied country by bringing back some friends of the man seeking adoption. Michela Brambilla: “Great effort for the affected populations and their four-legged companions

They were alone in a harsh country even in times of peace, doomed to wander in search of food and shelter or, at most, to live in a kennel or cattery kept by kind-hearted volunteers who, however , could not give them the warmth of a family. Thanks to the commitment of the Italian League for the Defense of Animals and the Environment, however, the dogs and cats recovered at the Ukrainian border will have a different destiny, made of hugs and love, with families who will host for the rest of their lives. lives, far from the road and the war. The one carried out in recent days by the Leidaa volunteers was a tiring mission which saw men and women in blue overalls engaged for more than fifty hours on a long journey to Przemyśl, a border town with Ukraine where the main reception. point for those fleeing the fighting: with them a ton of food and a thousand doses of pesticides, to be used for the animals of the refugees.

A new home in Italy

“Our volunteers – explains Hon. Michela Vittoria Brambilla, president of Leidaa – found herself faced with dramatic and moving scenes: people who, to escape the bombardments, left their whole lives behind, but did not want to abandon their four-legged friends. Let me say that the stories of these brave women and men should be an example for all those in our country who still have the habit of abandoning animals, taking them to kennels or even leave on the side of a road, perhaps only because they are afraid that they will be “Genoa” for the holidays or for the routine of daily life”.

The work of volunteers

The Leidaa volunteers, arriving at their destination after a full day of uninterrupted travel, met and helped many refugees. The van, stripped of food and pesticides, was intended to transport the quadrupeds recovered at the border. Dogs and cats that, having arrived in Italy, are now entrusted to the caring care of men and women of Leidaa who keep them at home and care for them as if they were their own, waiting to find them a good adoption . “I would like to thank – continues Michela Vittoria Brambilla – each of these fantastic people: not only those who, showing a great spirit of sacrifice, took part in the mission for Ukraine, but also those who, throughout our peninsula , take care of the day after day of animals in distress. Our mission is to help them in all circumstances, at all costs, and we will not stop either in the coming weeks”.

Oxane’s story

Beautiful the stories of two of the many dogs and cats that arrived in Italy thanks to the mission: like that of Oxana. When volunteers from the Italian League for the Defense of Animals and the Environment approached her, Oxana became frightened, retreating in front of these strangers whom she thought were a threat. A normal reaction for her who, from the man, has only received harshness and nastiness. However, it took him some time to get used to and show all his excellent character. Now that she has arrived in Italy, she is only afraid when she hears loud noises, due to bad past experiences: maybe – who knows? – remind him of the explosion of a bomb. Of average height, she weighs about 16 kilos and in Italy she will find a family to help her forget a sad past of neglect and abuse.

The big cat that looks like Garfield

From the name of the most mischievous cat in the world of comics and TV, with whom he shares the color, this one-year-old kitten rescued in Ukraine. Really good and gentle, he was the only purr in the transporter during the long journey that took him to Italy: despite the fatigue and disorientation, he understood that the volunteers were good people who worked hard to give him a new life. He has now entered into a symbiosis with Stefania, the volunteer who takes care of him, from whom he is generously pampered and who will soon introduce him to wonderful new people, who will open the doors of their homes and their hearts to him.

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