Ukraine-Russia war, “invaders use sarin and other chemicals”. Putin only wants the Donbass but bombs civilians and food stores

A month full of war. Thirty one days of bombs, death and destruction in Ukraine. Russian attacks continue on several cities (kyiv, Zaporijia, Dnipro, Kharkiv) even if the official target of Vladimir Poutine, formalized a few hours ago (probably to justify the defeats suffered in other cities of Ukraine) is only the Donbass: the Kremlin, confirmed by the Pentagon, aims to take control of the entire region of southeastern Ukraine, including the city of Mariupol, the city most massacred by Russian bombardments.

The military operations that have taken place in other cities of Ukraine are – according to Moscow – only a diversion for “divert the enemy’s attention“. It does not matter the thousands of victims caused: for Russia they were killed 16 thousand Ukrainian soldiers, 16,000 invading soldiers were killed for kyiv (1351 for the Kremlin). Count of civilian casualties is approximate: at least 1.081 innocent people killed for the UN. For the Ukrainian authorities, many others, starting with 136 children. According to Unicef, more than half of Ukrainian children are displaced after a month of war.

Russia, according to the Pentagon, is trying to bring reinforcements to Ukraine by drawing on its troops in Georgia. More military reinforcements arrive Belarus. And the soldiers would be informed that the war would end on May 9. Meanwhile, 300 victims are feared in theater hit at Mariupol (600 survivors) on 16 March. The data is not yet official.


12:22 p.m. – “RUSSIA READY TO USE SARIN AND OTHER CHEMICALS” – “Russia prepares to use poisons and other chemicals against Ukrainians, while racist officials receive antidotes.” InformNapalm volunteer analysts, quoted on Telegram by Ukraine Now, claim to have evidence that the Russian military received antidotes to certain types of poison, including the paralyzing nerve agent ‘Sarin’, a classified paralyzing nerve gas as a chemical weapon of mass destruction. On 20 March, ampoules containing atropine were reportedly distributed to command personnel of the invading forces of the Russian Federation. Atropine is used as an antidote for chemical poisoning.

12:02 – RUSSIA SNAPS MAYOR SLAVUTYCH – Russian forces have taken control of Slavutych, a town in northern Ukraine a few kilometers from Chernobyl. The Kyiv Independent reports it. The troops kidnapped the mayor, Yuri Fomichev, and occupied the local hospital, said the governor of the Kyiv region, Oleksandr Pavlyuk. Some media later reported that the mayor was released soon after: no information could be independently verified.

11 a.m. – Biden has placed American gas in Europe which he already sells to China

10:42 a.m. – “Giving up arms is madness. Zelenski? Terrible blunder on the Shoah”: interview with Edith Bruck, writer who survived Auschwitz. “Just war does not exist: man does not know how to live in peace even with himself. There are series A, series B and series C peoples: our feeling towards the persecuted is not the same. If they are far away, it seems that they do not concern us”

9:45 a.m. – According to Ukrainian authorities, as of March 26, about 16,400 Russian army soldiers have been killed since the start of the war. Here are the estimated military losses: Tanks – 575; Armored fighting vehicles – 1640; Artillery systems – 293; MLRS-91; Means of air defense – 51; Plane – 117; OTRK-2 launchers; Helicopters – 127; Automotive equipment – 1131; Ships / boats – 7; Tanks – 73; UAV-56; Special equipment – 19.

9:33 a.m. – MAYOR: “IRPIN 80% CONTROLLED BY UKRAINIAN FORCES” – The city of IrpIn in the Kyiv region is 80% controlled by Ukrainian forces. Mayor Alexander Markushin announced this: “About 80% of the territory of Irpin in the Kyiv region is controlled by the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Territorial Defense Forces. The Russian occupiers failed to take possession of the city, but the residential areas were bombarded”.

9:10 am – WHO: HIT HOSPITALS IS A RUSSIAN STRATEGY – The World Health Organization reports that to date there have been more than 70 separate attacks on hospitals, ambulances and doctors in Ukraine, with the number growing daily. Targeting health facilities has become part of the strategy and tactics of warfare, according to the WHO.

HOURS 8:59 – GB: “INDISCRIMINANT USE OF RUSSIAN BOMBING” – According to the British Ministry of Defence, “Russia continues to besiege important Ukrainian cities, including Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Mariupol. Russian forces are reluctant to engage in large-scale urban infantry operations, preferring to rely on the indiscriminate use of bombing raid aircraft and artillery to demoralize the defending forces. Russia will likely continue to use its firepower in urban areas, attempt to limit its already considerable losses, at the cost of further civilian casualties“.

8:50 a.m. – “RUSSIA BOMBARDA FOOD DEPOSITS – Russian troops are targeting grocery stores in Severodonetsk, a city in eastern Ukraine in Lugansk Oblast, because they know where they are. » The Governor of Lugansk Serhiy Haidai, quoted by Ukrinform. “The Russians know where the warehouses are but they don’t know if they are full or not: another sign of ‘Russian peace’ is leaving civilians without food. They call it ‘special operation’,” Gaidai wrote.

8:40 a.m. – FAILED PLAN TO KILL ZELENSKY OF THE WAGNER GROUP – The failed Wagner Group plan, the paramilitary group hired by Putin and sent to Ukraine for a period of time to assassinate Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Deputy Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal: this was announced by a senior adviser to the Ministry of Defense of Kyiv, Markian Lubkivsky, according to CNN. “They wanted to assassinate the Ukrainian leadership, our president and our prime minister,” Lubkivskyi said. That was the goal and some of them were sent to Ukraine without any success”.
According to the official, the plan was confirmed by Ukrainian intelligence services and special forces tasked with protecting Zelensky. “All these documents and the necessary evidence will be presented to the International Court,” Lubkivskyi announced, adding that for operational reasons he will not be able to give more information on the matter.

8:15 am – UKRAINE: AT LEAST 136 CHILDREN KILLED – 136 children have been killed and 199 injured since February 24, the day the Russian army invaded Ukraine. This is announced by the Attorney General’s office in the usual tragic toll, but figures that cannot be independently verified. According to the latest UN update on Friday March 25, there have been 1,081 civilian deaths in Ukraine and 1,707 injuries since the start of the Russian invasion.

08:00 – “RUSSIA WANTS TO END THE DONBASS GENOCIDE” – “The special military operation of the Russian Federation is designed to put an end to the genocide of the civilian population in Donbass, Russia, unlike the United States, it is doing everything to stop war crimes in Ukrainesaid Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov.

7:10 a.m. – BOMBING IN MORE CITIES – Sirens are sounding in several Ukrainian cities. Local media reported it, quoted by the BBC. Among the cities mentioned, kyiv, Cherkasy and Kropyvnytskyi in the central part of the country, Zaporizhia and Dnipro in the southeast, the eastern city of Zhytomyr, Kharkiv and Sumy in the northeast.

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