Ukrainian emergency

Ukrainian emergency






Useful information for health care for the population arriving from Ukraine: access to care, Covid-19, vaccinations, green pass, pets. Public service number 1500 active around the clock and from 8 to 20 also in Ukrainian and Russian.

  • Health assistance upon arrival in Italy

To access, upon your arrival in Italy, health care from the Italian National Health Service, you must have a STP code – Foreigner temporarily present, which allows you to benefit from urgent and essential care, such as access to emergencies, vaccinations, the prescription of clinical examinations, visits to specialists and medication. The STP code is issued by public health establishments with the declaration of their personal data.

  • Health care following the application for a temporary protection permit

The request for residence permit for temporary protection guarantees health care throughout the national territory, with equal treatment compared to Italian citizens, by registering with the local health authorities. By “domicile”, we mean the address indicated in the permit application.
The application for a residence permit allows the allocation of a general practitioner and/or pediatrician of free choice. Registration is usually done in an office or at a counter, called “physician’s choice and revocation”. In the same place it will be possible to choose the family doctor and / or the pediatrician for minors. A paper document will be issued on which are indicated:

  • the identification code

  • the name

  • the name of the doctor and/or pediatrician chosen.

Each family doctor or pediatrician chosen has an outpatient clinic and must guarantee, free of charge, general medicine visits, at fixed times and days. You should contact your doctor and pediatrician for any specialist and pharmaceutical prescriptions. Medicines prescribed by doctors are dispensed by pharmacies.

  • maternity protection

All women in Italy have the right to maternity protection. If you are pregnant, you should contact your family doctor to:

  • Pregnancy assistance: obstetrical visits, ultrasounds, controls and instrumental examinations

  • Childbirth assistance: assistance during labor and delivery

  • Assistance after childbirth: including postpartum visits.

  • Hospitals

For hospitalization, a written request from the family doctor is required, but in the event of a health emergency, hospitalization is organized by the emergency doctor, who can be contacted in the event of an emergency.

To protect everyone’s health, Italy offers you free the possibility of vaccination against Covid-19 (from 5 years old). Together with the vaccination, a green Covid-19 certification (green card) is issued, thanks to which it is possible to have easier access to means of transport and other facilities.

You can request the vaccination from the nearest local health authority.

Foreigners vaccinated in Ukraine, already in possession of the green Covid-19 certification with QR code, can also use it in Italy.

Foreigners vaccinated in Ukraine in the last six months with Pfizer, Moderna, Astrazeneca, Johnson & Johnson or Novavax vaccines (or equivalent Covishield, R-Covi, Fiocruz) without Green Certification, can apply for recognition and obtain the green pass by presenting the identity document and vaccination documentation to the nearest local health authority.

Foreigners not vaccinated or vaccinated with other vaccines, without prejudice to the possibility of being vaccinated in Italy, must undergo a Covid test, for which, in case of negativity, a 72-hour green Covid-19 certification is issued for molecular swabs. and 48 hours for antigen.

In Italy, each time you take a test or get vaccinated or in the event of a certified cure, a green Covid-19 certification is automatically issued (green pass). Always carry it with you along with your passport or other ID.

If you do not have a valid Covid-19 green certification (green pass) you will have to undergo SARS-CoV-2 test molecular or rapid within 48 hours of entering Italian territory. After sampling, monitor five days your state of health wearing an FFP2 type mask.

  • Covid-19 prevention measures

always have one with you hide and wear it indoors, in case of a crowd or if you think you have entered a close contact with a positive case.

Respect them safety distance Of at least one meter; wash your hands often with soap and water or disinfect them with a hydroalcoholic solution; air several times during the day, the premises where you live; avoid exchanging bottles and glasses with the others.

In public transport, it is compulsory to use the FFP2 mask.
To note – Children under the age of six and people with pathologies or disabilities incompatible with the use of the mask are not obliged to wear the mask.

  • In case of Covid-19 positivity

If you contract Covid-19, follow the Italian rules.

At least ten days of isolation from the first positive sample, the last three without symptoms (excluding loss of taste and smell).

Isolation days are reduced to seven for those who received the dose boosterfor those who have completed the vaccination cycle for less than 120 days or who have recovered from Covid-19 for less than 120 days.

You can only get out of isolation after a negative test. If you continue to test positive for the molecular or antigen test and have no symptoms for at least 7 days (excluding loss of taste or smell), you can stop isolation after 21 days.

You can do the vaccines for diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, poliomyelitis, measles, mumps, rubella and – upon assessment by health authorities – also other vaccines that will be offered free of charge to you and your children.

  • Tuberculosis screening

You can also do this screening for tuberculosis.

You can bring your pets to Italy notwithstanding European authorization procedures. In the case of border controls, the authorities may request that the data be sent by e-mail to the Ministry of Health ([email protected]): species and number of animals (max 5), their identification (if possible), the name of the owner and the destination address in Italy.

  • For more information

You can go in person to the nearest health center or call the free number 1500 or the toll-free number of the Region where you are.
For inquiries regarding the entry of pets from Ukraine, write to [email protected].
For more information about your stay in Italy, download the brochure in Italian Ukrainian, Russian, Italian And English Welcome to Italy.

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