Ukrainian family fleeing war run out of food and water, rescued and helped by traffic police

The couple, with two small children, were traveling by car to join relatives in France, but had run out of food for two days. The vehicle the family was traveling in also broke down. It was found from the Polstrada in A26. One of the agents called the Genoa factory to get a mechanic, the other went to buy the necessary provisions at his own expense.

Rescued on the highway by the State Police, a Ukrainian family fleeing the war now without money and without food. It all happened on March 11.
A traffic police patrol from Alessandria – Ovada subsection – during the traffic surveillance service on the A / 26 Genova Gravellona Toce highway, noticed a car, with a Ukrainian license plate, driving slowly on the emergency track, with the emergency in operation.
Officers, after escorting and securing the car inside the nearby Bormida East service area, found that in the vehicle was a Ukrainian family consisting of a young couple with very young children, all in good health, but visibly shaken. and also frightened by the fear of being repatriated to Ukraine.

Once the situation was understood, the agents immediately took care of reassuring and providing the necessary assistance, initially made difficult also by the difficulty of communication, since none of the family members understood either Italian or English.

With the help of a Ukrainian mother-tongue interpreter, whom the police had in the meantime found by telephone, the police were able to understand the tragedy of the family who, terrified by the war, had decided to flee their country by throwing themselves on a trip four days earlier, without stopping, with the intention of reaching France as soon as possible, where they would be welcomed by a few members of their family.
Through the interpreter, the two adults said they had run out of food and water two days ago and that the little money available would barely be enough to cover travel expenses and get to destination.

While one of the operators, through the Genoa Traffic Police Operations Center, called in a mechanic on site to repair the vehicle, the other agent worked immediately, at his own expense, to helping the children and the married couple, by buying enough service space, sandwiches, water and snacks to allow the trip to continue without having to put a further strain on the little money available.

In the evening, on the mobile phone of one of the agents, a message of gratitude for the help provided but above all of thanks for having fed the children visibly shaken by what they had experienced in recent weeks.

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