Ukrainians in Bologna, Azzi “Together, as sport teaches”

“Proud of this mobilization”, declares the blue fencer Samele BOLOGNA (ITALPRESS) – “Sport will be the medicine to try to cure the suffering of a people to whom the world of fencing offers all its generosity, of which I am proud ” . Gigi Samele speaks with the voice of the heart, as “captain” of this great team that Italian fencing has lined up on the stand of the most important competition, that of solidarity. The ideal embrace of Fencing Italy to the friends of Ukraine was given in Bologna, during an event organized in the Virtus hall, which, in synergy with Zinella, launched “Fencing for Ukraine” , a hospitality project sponsored by the Italian Fencing Federation. Alongside Olga Kharlan, champion who already trains regularly in the shadow of the Dall’Ara stadium, there was the other absolute saber Olena Kravatska and two boys from the Ukrainian national under-17 saber, Sofia Holovkina and Stanislav Zakutnii. The two “cadets” had been selected by the Ukrainian Federation to participate in the Junior World Championships which were to take place in Dubai from April 2 to 10: on February 24, at 5 a.m., they had been forced to leave the headquarters in a hurry. . his national team because of the bombardments which struck buildings a few hundred meters from the structure in which they were housed. They are now in Italy, waiting for their other comrades to join them in the coming weeks. To welcome them there was the president of the Italian Fencing Federation, Paolo Azzi, who in Bologna ideally wanted to condense the many initiatives that have been undertaken these days in fencing halls throughout Italy: “Our world has mobilized in a moving way. The response from all over the country to the request for help from Ukrainian friends has been incredible. In this particularly significant place, which more than any other expresses the deep bond between Italian fencing and Ukrainian fencing, I would like to thank all the people who contribute to this cause, welcoming, giving, making available everything that can be used by young people at such a difficult time in their lives. how sport teaches us, “said President Azzi, at the event also attended by Federal Councilor Alberto Ancarani. “The athletes who have reached and will reach Bologna will be part of a logistics plan as well as a sporting and educational one, to give continuity to their educational growth and training programs until conditions in their home country allow them to resume their normal lives. a logistical context organized by the two host clubs and will train under the direction of our technicians Andrea Terenzio and Tommaso Dentico who will also take care of accompanying them in the race”, explained Marcello Scisciolo, vice-president of Virtus Scherma Bologna, launching also a current account (IBAN: IT56V0103002400000006349327) entitled “Virtus for Ucraine” and dedicated to raising funds to cover the expenses necessary for their stay in Italy, as well as to allow the participation of young athletes in the next World Championships of under 20 and under 17 in Dubai. Alongside her Magda Melandri of Zinella Scherma, another soul of this Bolognese initiative: “We did what sportsmen and sportswomen should do: try to help those who are in difficulty. who live such a dramatic situation for their country to continue to cultivate their passion for fencing. We are sure that we will learn a lot p of them.” Strong emotions when the floor was given to the two champions who are the icons of this “race of the heart”. “I am infinitely grateful to the Italian Fencing Federation and Virtus Scherma Bologna for what they are doing and will continue to do. Since February 24 our life has changed and it will be impossible to return to normality knowing that our families in Ukraine are in the middle. of a war. But still. once sport will give us the strength to move forward”, the testimony of Olga Kharlan. Bright eyes and a giant’s strength. Equal, in this, she and Gigi Samele. “I never imagined, in the horror of this moment, discovering how much the world of fencing is capable of solidarity. I sincerely thank friends and opponents who joined our fundraiser, a big family. We will continue, we will do what we can for the boys of the Ukrainian national team, for all the athletes that we can help. This is the most beautiful message we can give to them, who are our future,” said the Blue Saber, pointing to the many young Virtus fencers present in the audience. . “Gigi is an example for everyone, on and off the platform. He proves it every day and we are proud of him”, says Federal President Paolo Azzi. (ITALPRESS). ari / com 22-Mar-22 08:18

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