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by Francesco Piopi

Is there an impossible mission for this Unahotels? It is natural to ask the question, because we are talking about a group that has by now accustomed us to overturning the forecast and who, week after week, are bringing to life one of the most exciting seasons in recent red history. and white. We would therefore be quite surprised if even this evening in Brescia (duet at 6:00 p.m.) coach Caja’s troops did not display all the competitive spirit of which they are capable, thus making life difficult for what is asserting itself as the third championship strength behind the battleships Virtus Bologna and Olimpia Milano.

Of course, you can’t always expect miracles, especially with rotations reduced to the bone by injuries and with so many tight commitments, but we are convinced that Reggiana Basketball will try their luck again tonight. Like, how? Definitely defending hard and trying to control play in midfield then fire his guns without forcing. Or rather, that should be the game plan. It is no coincidence that Caja asked at a press conference to limit turnovers: Brescia is indeed the team that recovers the most in all of Serie A (8.3) and from there unleashes the counter-attack and an attack which is the second in the championship (83.8 points) behind only that of Scariolo (88.2).

Tonight will also be the challenge between the two most authoritative candidates to win the regular season MVP, Amedeo Della Valle and Andrea Cinciarini. The first is the top scorer in Serie A with an average of 18.6 while the second is the best passer (10.2) as well as the first Italian in history to register a triple double, then even becoming two after that put on the scoresheet against Trieste. .

Something that only this Toni Kukoc phenom was able to do in the same year (1992) when he wore the Benetton Treviso shirt and before setting sail for His Majesty Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls. If the championship ended today, the fairest solution would be that of a shared Mvp (Most value player), because refusing it to one of the two would be truly sacrilege. Of course, it’s a little surprising to think that these two gentlemen we just told you about were together in the Grissin Bon jersey and – as we all know – they couldn’t bring the Scudetto back under the ‘Ghiara’ d ‘a strand of hair.

However, keeping our feet on the ground and without being overwhelmed by nostalgia, it must be stressed that the Magro team will not yet have John Brown at their disposal. The five-star reinforcement made official this week only arrived in Italy yesterday, when registrations for this day had been closed for about 24 hours.

Not being in front of one of the best athletic longs in circulation at European level is certainly a good deal for the reds and whites, but the talent of the Lombards is still considerable (just think of Mitrou Long…) and we will have really need half a miracle to do it. . For this Unahotels, however, it would not be the first time.

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