Underkitchen, the Cosenza revolution of international cuisine in your home

The new competitor of Glovo and Deliveroo does not use jumpershome delivery of low-cost international dishes and – above all – speaks Cosentino. His name is Under-kitchen and it is a technology start-up with social value. He sells global cuisine dishes online. For now only in Italy but, potentially, to customers all over the world. The idea is to four contractors who already have experience in the world of taste and who, after analyzing the critical issues of the market, have set up a project which began on March 1.

Underkitchen does not use riders to deliver food to homes

Tired Leonard And Carlo Schiavonerespectively Cto and CEO of the company and both of the city of Bruzi, immediately wanted to link the project to the Calabrian territory. The operational headquarters is located in the heart of Cosenza, a stone’s throw from Corso Mazzini. Here is the “brain” of the project, the access point to the site, for orders and shipments, in permanent contact with the kitchens. But that’s not all: the future chefs of Cosenza and Calabria could soon be preparing the dishes.

The original idea of ​​the project in fact provided for the involvement of the “Mancini” hotel institute with which the guidelines had been shared from the beginning. Then the pandemic abruptly ended the collaboration, but the director and teachers of the institute remain interested in continuing it.
Meanwhile, a month after its debut, Under-kitchen has already reached very satisfactory figures and, despite the international scopea large part of the users come from Cosenza.

Underkitchen: the world at home

It is a site, but also an app, which allows you to order international specialties prepared by the hands of specialist chefs and send them home. In practice, it works like this: choose a dish from those offered – from Cancun guacamole to Jamaican Jerk chicken, Japanese meatballs in teriyaki sauce to Hungarian goulash – scroll through a menu that goes from one end of the world to the another, through the most emblematic dishes of international gastronomy.

Order, pay and Within 24 hours A thermo box will arrive at your home with everything you need (vacuum-packed) to put the steamed dish on the table in a few minutes, by reheating it in the microwave or in boiling water. The prices are low, from 16 to 35 euros for packages of five individual portions, but there are also last minute offers for additional reductions. The added value is given by the fact that the recipes are prepared in the kitchens of the Italian hotel schools.

There is therefore a positive impact on the student training, who acquire specific professional skills to be used in the world of work. The pilot project was complemented by the cooking workshops of Pozzuoli Multicenter Schoolwho is also one of the founding members.

Sustainable and low-cost food

“We are very happy because the response has been very positive: in that first month, they ordered 3,500 dishesexplains Stancati. “We have had very positive feedback from our customers and the figures reward the quality of the preparations and the raw material”. This is also due to the attractive graphics of the site which reproduce the city board, the airport board which indicates all the destinations: in this case these are the cities of origin of the recipes.

Meatballs with teriyaki sauce

The reference to travel is constant. Under-kitchen wants to transmit with the plate the narration of the places through the music, the cinema, the history, the iconography which makes them recognizable and desirable. “A reward is also a low price policy, the dishes cost a third of our competitors – explains Tired – and they arrive at your place, within 24 hours of ordering. Ours is a model of sustainable, social and inclusive food delivery, which eliminates multinationals from the sector. In fact, it does not take advantage of runners, but uses international logistics operators to bring home the freshest fresh produce. And there’s more: we champion global food culture, we don’t feed the spread of junk food. Indeed, we promote dishes that represent the heritage of a country and its culture”.

Underkitchen: from Cosenza to the big cities

The objective is now to extend the network of hotel schools, starting from Calabria. At the headquarters of Cosenza Orders arrive from Milan, Genoa, Rome, Bologna, Naples, Turin. After tasting, consumers receive an invitation to send voice opinions that are then published on the site, much more appreciated than the traditional photos of the dishes, which risk restoring their beauty but not their emotion.

In the laboratories of the Hotel School of Pozzuoli, the students prepare the dishes during the alternating school-work hours, under the supervision of chefs who are experts in international cuisine. “We do not provide ready meals, which involve production and logistics costs that end up falling on the end user in terms of costs – adds the Cto – but a product prepared with high quality raw materials and packaged in empty (now so the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics are intact of a fresh product), cooled by hand, and delivered in regenerative packaging in five minutes”.

sub-kitchen blast chiller
Food passes through the blast chiller before being packaged and shipped

Soon also abroad

Stancati and Schiavone, with partners Giorgio Scarselli (historical restaurant owner The bikini of Vico Equense) and Armando Arutathey are now targeting Europe, but following another path: the project Under-kitchen will bring Italian cuisine across the Alpsalways counting on the professionalism present in the hotel establishments.
“Cheap flights, great food” (Cheap flights, good food, editor’s note.) is the jingle. And this expectation of a new trip is already making you feel a little hungry.

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