Unicef ​​​​and Amatori Podistica Terni united for Ukrainian minors: sport and integration

A collaboration to help and support the Ukrainian community in the region, especially the little ones. The protagonists were the Unicef ​​Provincial Committee and the Amatori Podistica Terni, represented respectively by the presidents Giancarlo Giovannetti and Luca Moriconi: Friday afternoon at the Casagrande camp there was the inauguration of the liaison. Sport, integration and an attempt to breathe life into a group of very young people who arrived in the city from the districts of Lutsk, Poltava and Ivano-Frankivs’k.


Sport and integration

Five young Ukrainians who came to the city to flee the conflict which has lasted for almost two months are training – for free – with the Gialloblù club. They don’t know the language but there are those who help them on the way to integration with their Italian peers, Halyna Zhoranets, originally from Lutsk and for years in Terni as a nurse in the intensive care unit of the ‘Santa Maria’ hospital. She didn’t think too much about it when it came to making herself available to support the boys: “Proud – she explains while the children are training – to be able to help my country. I contacted the Ukrainian families through Dr. Giovannetti and he offered them free access to a sports ground. Some of them have not yet gone to school for various reasons, but it is very important that they integrate into sports and social activities. So they learn the language and maybe they will “heal” these wounds. Thanks to the Italians and the Terni for helping my country”. Finally, a thought to the five little Ukrainians who arrived in the city: “These are lucky children who managed to escape, I hope they will have a better future”.

“Let’s change air”. May Day event in Stroncone

The pact between the territorial section of Unicef ​​​​​​and the APT is part of the environmental campaign “Cambiamo aria” which will take place throughout Italy from May 22 to 27, with the participation of the municipality of Stroncone also: the objective is to promote a more conscious environmental awareness. In this sense, on May 1, the “Unicef ​​march” for peace and the rights of children and adolescents was organized in the Prati di Stroncone: “Well-being cards will be compiled by children and adults to recognize the green points (which generate well-being in them) and the gray points (which do not promote their well-being) in the environment explored. The event is intended to testify to the closeness with the Ukrainian community community that was invited to participate to promote the relationship and socialization between our peoples in this difficult historical moment”. Today’s event, on the other hand, focuses on the availability of Ukrainian minors to carry out gymnastic sports activities managed by the APT.

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