UNITED STATES. Three more states protect women’s sport from transgender invasion

Arizona, Oklahoma and Kentucky joined the ranks of other states in late March whose Republican-led legislatures passed laws to protect women’s sports from transgender activists.

The states indeed join Texas, Alabama, Mississippi and Iowa, among others, as well as Utah. The Indiana Congress has said it is ready to re-pass the law banning men and transsexuals from participating in women’s protests, after the governor’s veto. All three state legislatures approved the laws, which will be forwarded to their respective governors in the coming days, hoping they won’t veto and reject the proposals.

The Republican-dominated Arizona House passed SB 1165 31-24 against and sent it to Governor Doug Ducey for signature. According to the Associated Press, Ducey has yet to say whether he will sign the law.

Utah politicians, on the other hand, voted to override Gov. Spencer Cox’s veto, and the Indiana state legislature has already planned to do the same in May.

In detail, the law proposed by Arizo would apply not only to competitive and amateur sports, but also to public schools and colleges, as well as to private establishments that compete with public schools.

Oklahoma’s SB2 law, on the other hand, passed 37 to 7 and now awaits the signature of Governor Kevin Stitt, who has only days to decide whether to veto or approve the law. The legislation is nearly identical to that of Arizona and requires that “teams designated for ‘girls’, ‘women’ or ‘girls’ shall not be open to male students”, allowing students to sue a school if it violates the law and deprives the student” The bill also directs the parents or legal guardians of a student, at the beginning of each school year, to “sign a document acknowledging the student’s biological sex at the beginning of each school year.

While the media has neither confirmed nor denied whether Governor Stitt has expressed support for the law, Stitt still has a pro-family history behind him, particularly on the side of the legislation rooted in biological reality.

Kentucky lawmakers, following their colleagues, passed SB83 by a majority of 26 for and 9 against, and in this case, the law prohibits men who think they are women from participating in women’s sports since the university. The legislation would require students to have an original, unaltered copy of their birth certificate or a document signed by a doctor. According to the Courier Journal, Democratic Governor Andy Beshear did not indicate whether he would approve or veto the law.

The newspaper noted that Republican supermajorities in the state legislature “still have the power to overrule it.”

In short, to fight male-dominated oppression disguised as demands for transgender rights, conservative Republicans in many states are fighting for laws that uphold women’s rights and respect biology and sport, especially for girls, girls and women.


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