University of Food in Cesena: goal already almost achieved

The last word will go to the rector of the University of Bologna, Giovanni Molari, but the road that can lead to choosing Cesena as the seat of the new “food university”, ready to take off in 2023, already seems to be downhill. that the main repercussions of the part of the project relating to Alma Mater are here in Cesena both in terms of teaching, with the establishment of new masters, as well as research and relations with the important food production chain”. These are powerful words, written by the President of the Campus of Cesena, Massimo Cicognani, in a letter in response to an impulse given by the UIL of Cesena. The union secretary, Marcello Borghetti, had written to him, proposing a major cross-regional alliance aimed at seizing this opportunity, announced by the president of the Bonaccini Region at the “Cibus” fair in Parma.

Cicognani’s response was quick and very clear. After thanking “for the interest in the university”, he confirmed, as expected on these pages, that it is “a project called “Food ER”, funded to the tune of 3 million euros, which involves all the regional universities The R of Romagna is there – then underlined the President of the Campus who has his heart in the old sugar factory but with an important establishment of science and food technology in Villa Almerici – He could not be otherwise, because the University of Bologna has long chosen to place almost all of its teaching and research activities in the food sector on the Cesena campus”. This is no coincidence – continued Cicognani – “the part of the project from the University of Bologna was developed by my colleagues from Villa Almerici, a site which, incidentally, is currently speaking in colleague Rosalba Lanciotti, director of the entire department of Agro-Food Sciences , including the Bolognese colony”.

In short, that of Cesena is already more than a simple candidacy and the mayor Enzo Lattuca immediately activated, in close synergy with Bonaccini, with Cicognani himself and with the rector, to give it definitive realization. The letter he received from Cicognani was greeted with enthusiasm by Borghetti: “The President of the Campus showed great attention and sensitivity and I thank him for that. It remains to be built in detail, but we have a great opportunity ahead of us. With the Food University, it is possible to create quality work opportunities in Cesenate, valuable both for youth employment and for business development. And this can happen not only in the agri-food sector in the strict sense but also in key areas for our economic system, such as tourism. We are all working together to make these future courses work as well as possible”.

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