Valtiberina, the “food community” to revive the agricultural economy and the territory

The draft constitution of the food community of the Tuscan Valtiberina. This is a subject that has its origins in a 2015 regulation aimed at the protection and enhancement of biodiversity of agricultural and agri-food interest. The law introduces the concept of food community by identifying it as a local space resulting from the agreement between all the public and private entities of the territory involved in various capacities in the agricultural sector.

The establishment of realities of this type is part of the actions aimed at the sustainable reconquest of territories and sectors. It is also part of the path initiated by the Tuscany Region, for example with the rules for the protection and enhancement of the heritage of local varieties of agricultural, zootechnical and forestry interest; as well as within the European project EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030, which locks in the motto “Let’s bring nature back into our lives” a set of sustainable development results to be achieved during this year.

Last night’s meeting at the Palazzo delle Laudi was opened with the introduction of Marco Cestelli, who among other things underlined the important role that the former Biturgian administrators Giovanni Tricca and Ivano Del Furia played, together with the agricultural entrepreneur Carlo Masala , in promoting the initiative. The mayor of Sansepolcro Fabrizio Innocenti then intervened as a delegate of the Union of Municipalities of Valtiberina and the municipality of Pieve Santo Stefano. The professors of the University of Siena Stefano Biagiotti and Filippo Masina then took the floor to illustrate the project from a technical point of view, which described the steps necessary for the implementation of the subject, the elaboration of a strategic plan and subsequent management of the community.

The council chamber of the Palazzo del Laudi during the initiative

The stated objective of the food community to be set up is to give impetus to the agricultural sector through initiatives aimed at promoting local products and Mark territorial. The new food community of Valtiberina will therefore have to work with a view to strengthening the realities and experiences existing in the territory and trying to activate the maximum synergy between the different protagonists of the agricultural sector, in the direction of a circular economy based on sustainability. .

The subject being established, which according to regional provisions will be included in the list of food districts at the Ministry of Agriculture, will help to intercept national and European funds, including those related to the PNR. “The food community is a tool to attract and find resources – emphasized Professor Biagiotti – but the result will only be possible if there is strong consultation, participation and sharing in the territory”.

The meeting brought together a large audience of stakeholders, which gave rise to an in-depth debate on the needs of the territory and on the issues raised in the technicians’ reports. The appointment ended with the hope that we could move forward quickly in the direction of the realization of the project.

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