VENARIA – At the Reggia, awards to European cities and the sports community

The Reggia di Venaria was the scene of the twenty-second edition of the annual Aces Europe Awards Ceremony, an event that awards prizes to European cities and sports communities.

For the first time, the event did not take place in the usual “De Gasperi” room of the European Parliament in Brussels but in the Saint-Hubert Chapel of the Royal Palace of Venaria Reale.

During the ceremony, which began with a minute of silence for the victims of the war in Ukraine, the flag of the European Sport Region 2022 was handed over to Piedmont and the flags were given to 50 cities, starting with The Hague European Capital of Sport 2022 and Madrid World Capital of Sport 2022.

“The flag handed over to Governor Alberto Cirio and to the Councilor for Sports Fabrizio Ricca testifies to the achievement of an extraordinary milestone, given that Piedmont is the first region of Italy to receive this recognition – underlines the Regional Councilor Gianluca Gavazza – An important year full of national and international events begins for Piedmontese sport. A year made of passions, emotions and rediscovery of the territory”.

“Sport is fundamental, it is health and inclusion. During the official ceremony, a municipality of our territories also received an important recognition, the city of Crescentino was in fact awarded the plaque of “European City of Sport 2023”. This is the first step towards 2023, when Crescentino will be honored for a special year dedicated to sport”, underlines Gianluca Gavazza, Councilor Secretary of the Presidency of the Regional Council of Piedmont.

The plaque was removed by Mayor Vittorio Ferrero and Sports Councilor Nino Dispoto.

Also present were the European Cities and Communities of Sport, represented by their administrators, as well as the cities of Guachené (Colombia), Indaial and Santo André (Brazil) and Konya (Turkey) World Capital of Sport 2023.

To bring the institutional greetings the president of the Piedmont Region Alberto Cirio, the regional councilor for Sport Fabrizio Ricca, the president of As Europe Gian Francesco Lupattelli, the director of social policies of Unesco Angela Melo. Also present was the mayor of La Reale, Fabio Giulivi.

“I am happy to host this event in Piedmont, which I proudly define as the heart of Europe thanks to the connections under construction with the major railway corridors that cross our territory – emphasizes President Alberto Cirio -. I consider the recognition of the European Sport Region 2022 is not an end point but a starting point to do even better Investments in sport are so important that we should work so that in the future they become a default such as those on health, because every euro invested in sport today more than one euro is saved on health tomorrow”.

“For us it is a very important moment, the sport is really restarting, and doing it with many European communities is a great source of pride – says Councilor Fabrizio Ricca -. It will be a year as protagonists for us, we will host more than 120 events. But it will also be an important opportunity to work to create an anti-war society: this can be done through sport”.

During the event, a Memorandum of Understanding was also signed between the Italian Sports Credit Institute and Finpiemonte SPA to facilitate access to credit for all sports realities in the region who wish to make useful investments for the planning of their activities, the modernization and efficiency of their facilities, ancillary works, as well as the purchase of surfaces used by the companies themselves or equipment intended for sports activities.

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