VENARIA – Virtus Calcio event: training in the town hall square

Peaceful demonstration, today afternoon, Thursday April 14, 2022, by Virtus Calcio, a sports club now known to all Venaries because of the “head to head” with the Municipality for the allocation of part of the land “Don Mosso” given the fires at the “Sport Club”.

Executives, coaches, top management, children and parents gathered under the Civic Palace to ask, once again, the Municipality to obtain the land of “Don Mosso”.

And they did it with whistles and a single cry: “we want the land”.

A dispute which comes a few days after the heated social debate between the mayor and the company, the question and answer between the secretariats of the majority and opposition groups, and the new request for a sports commission by the “lions”.

“A peaceful meeting – comments the general manager, Fulvio Cocchi – to try to alleviate the bitterness. We need answers. The boys must have fun. Months later, on a previous package, other municipal administrations , this blessed is still missing. opinion. We understand the bureaucratic times but we are out of time. There are ruined and disgraceful facilities, it is not his fault. Now is the time to take a step forward. Why are we still standing Here are 200 kids who want She’s a young mayor, bring innovation Bring fresh Enough with the social messages, let’s step forward We would like to take over the whole Sport Club, as an alternative.

“Virtus has been received nine times and we have listened to them several times. It cannot be said that children are playing in a dangerous installation, because this is not the case. The locker modules haven’t arrived yet, but that’s not up to us. Sports facilities will all be prohibited and there will be, in the settings, a price if you are a Venetian club and have children from Venaria. We have made an exploratory note to ask individuals to take charge of them. Calls, I repeat, will begin shortly, by June. There are technical timetables to be respected. We cannot break the Don Mosso call because they would become unappetizing. I don’t want Virtus to leave Venaria. Could it have been done faster? Surely. But we can’t afford mistakes in ads, otherwise we may end up in the current situations. Pnrr? The government does not allow it. We would need the FIGC with a project for a Cittadella sul Don Mosso. But that won’t happen, unfortunately. Meeting with parents? If they wish, we will be happy to organize it. We are here. One last thing: if Virtus does not want to use the Sport Club, it is a problem Virtus “, explain the mayor Fabio Giulivi and the councilor for Sport, Luigi Tinozzi, present with the entire city council and councilors Andrea Carlomagno , Luca Mancini , the president of the sports commission, Michelangelo Matteucci, the secretary of the Brothers of Italy, Chiara Turino, and the opposition councilors Alessandro Brescia and Pino De Candia and the president of the city council, Giuseppe Ferrauto.

“We followed this story in council. It could have been managed differently. But there is a municipal administration. For me there is no obligation for the applicants to spend 1.5 million euros. valued at 1 million euros in damages. And then there is a re-auction. There is an obligation to repair the Don Mosso. Only that, “comments the councilor Brescia.

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