Venice, Monet “returns” after a hundred years. His health on display at the Gritti Hotel

The Grand Canal and a Madonna and Santa Maria della Salute

A break in the middle of the four-day exhibition of the 59th Art Biennial Le lait des rêves. And the dream board: The Grand Canal and Santa Maria della Salute (1908) by Claude Monet, one of thirty-seven glimpses the Impressionist painter made over a hundred years ago while in Venice with his second wife Alice. To bring him back on Wednesday April 20, a few steps from where the subject was taken (the steps of Palazzo Barbaro), the Sotheby’s auction house, which organized a private event for the occasion at the Gritti hotel . A dinner co-hosted by Charles Stewart, CEO of Sotheby’s, Brooke Lampley and Olivia Walton, new President of the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

The first appearance

Only a few days ago, the painting made its first appearance in a real world Tour in Taipei (Taiwan): it will now reach Hong Kong (from April 8 to 11) and after Venice it will stop over from April 23 to 26 in London, then it will reach New York from May 6, where it will be auctioned on 17 at the Modern Evening Auction. The auction house expects the painting to reach a figure of around $50 million: figures close to the $50.8 million beaten last November for Corner of the nymph basin of 1918 and The Nymph Pond, which instead sold for $70.4 million in May 2021. The one that will go to auction in New York is one of six paintings in the series that Monet created from the steps of Palazzo Barbaro, featuring the Basilica della Salute. Monet’s acclaimed series of paintings are among the most instantly recognizable in the world. Of these, his views of Venice are perhaps the most compelling, channeling the magic of the city onto canvas, comments Helena Newman, president of Sotheby’s Europe and global head of impressionist and modern art at the auction house. at auction.

The collections of international museums

Many of the paintings made by Monet during the three-month trip to the lagoon can be found in important international museum collections, such as the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and the Fine Art Museums in San Francisco. In Venice, don’t forget the retrospective that the Biennale devoted to the Impressionists in 1948. Few artists have captured the popular imagination as strongly as Claude Monet – underlines Julian Dawes, head of modern art at Sotheby’s America – Baignant the eternal city of water in sublime light and iridescent pigments, Monet anticipated the lyrical abstractions and bold colors that would define progress in the second half of the 20th century. His brushwork alludes to the later genius of artists such as Rothko, Mitchell, Richter and Thiebaud.

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