Venice, the stalls of the Rialto market have been halved: the sale of food and drink is prohibited

Half of the stalls in the Rialto market have been empty for years and the municipality has halved the stalls and is consolidating them towards the Pescheria. A restyling of half a million euros that will eliminate four counters of the Caserìawill intervene on the curtains, bring back the parking spaces from 40 to 20 and move them to make the look better and the layout. And this will absolutely exclude the possibility of operators cooking at the end of the market., as they do at the Borough Market in London or at the Testaccio in Rome. “We have worked hard to stop the exaggeration of food and drink sales in Venice. I just don’t see the festival there: the Rialto market should not be distorted”, said trade adviser Sebastiano Costalongaillustrating the resolution to the municipal council.


This is the last word on the project of the Rialto Mio association and university professors who have cherished the idea of ​​a Boqueria-type market in Barcelona, with a museum in the empty loggia and a restaurant-school for students of the Barbarigo hotel business. “The spaces were not sufficient for the Barbarigo project – Costalonga regrets – The Loggia will need major work later: I have asked that at least the bathrooms be restored”.

Organic project

The resolution was approved with 26 votes in favor of the fuchsia majority, Fi, Lega, Fdi, councilors Stefano Zecchi (Venetian Party), Sara Visman (5s). And from Marco Gasparinetti (Earth and Water), who convinced the city councilor and the majority with the suggestion of working on the moorings: “There are few at Rialto and all occupied by taxis: let’s see if it’s possible to facilitate access by boat to customers and operators”. We will talk about this later. How will we talk about an organic project to revive the market, proposed by the amendment of Emanuele Rosteghin (Pd): “Working on schedules, cultural projects and initiatives, on promotional projects: let’s try to build together”, he encouraged. Proposal accepted unanimously with the Costalonga amendment which excludes administration activities.

Reorganization on the mainland

On the resolution, the Democratic Party abstained. They voted against Giovanni Andrea Martini (The Whole City) and Gianfranco Bettin (Verdi Progressisti): “A more ambitious design could have been made but instead of investing in the restoration of the Loggia, the majority invests in a parking lot at the Port of Cavergnago – he reproached – A downward investment was also made in the markets of Mestre and Marghera”. The resolution also spoke of reorganization on the continent: in San Michele the grinder is no longer there and the space will be prohibited, the same will be true for the stand of Sicilian products now free in Marghera.

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