Viareggio: art, exotic cuisine and jewelry for the walk – Chronicle

Viareggio, March 30, 2022 – An art gallery, the temple of poké and new clothing brands. The walk is set to get a facelift, while three historic businesses have closed: the Lo Squalo restaurant (formerly a very popular Fulvio bar), and the historic Caffè New York and Orsi.

The Bar Orsi concession would have passed into the hands of the jeweler Sergio Capone who, a few steps away, has already transformed the old Pier Francesca boutique into a precious workshop. Bear however, it cannot become a new resale of sparkling items because it is in tune with the times that it can change its face from bar to clothing store. As fate is written for the old restaurant Shark where he’s set to land another outing at menswear brand Dan John’s Walk.

Meanwhile, officials from the New York cafeMaria Cristina Franceschi and Stefano Niccolai, have welcomed their customers for the last time: a new adventure is whispered at the helm of the Il Principino bar. The two are already at the head of the restaurant da Riccetto on the provincial road in Camaiore. And the New York would have already found those who are ready to carry on the tradition of this stainless meeting point: the property from Friday would have closed the possibility of contact with potential entrepreneurs interested in taking over the business, a sign that the case is now done.

Working Yes fashion proposals are multiplying, with the recent arrival of Lokita Milano near the Eden bar and the announced opening in April of Vestopazzo at the end of Viale Margherita 43 near Balena, with an offer of jewelery and accessories for women. Worried about the spread of the franchise is the president of Confcommercio, Piero Bertolani. “Fifteen years ago we sounded the alarm in the Piazzone neighborhood – he recalls – when the first Chinese stalls opened. Now a situation is registering in the Promenade that is unfortunately already consolidated in the large cities where the only commercial realities that can survive are the They offer licensed contracts and have budgets that allow greater room for manoeuvre, and so they land without giving anything back to the local fabric: they have renovations done by professionals and external companies and then their collections certainly do not fall back to Viareggio.of the 160 activities of the Promenade, only 40 are in the hands of local entrepreneurs and, for the most part, they are bars and restaurants. , the inhabitants of Viareggio disappear and an essential service is removed to support all activities”.

FOR diversify here two novelties: none other than the gallerist Contini would be ready to invest in the Promenade, the one who supervised the placement of the two maxi works by Mitoraj in Piazza Mazzini and who conquered the best collectors in the world. Stefano Contini he would in fact be ready to bring a level proposal to the building in Viale Marconi 48 where the historic Botti perfumery was once located and, for years, the Fiacchini shop (in the praetorian register of the municipality there is already the authorization to change destination from “retail sale of clothing, footwear and accessories” to “art gallery and retail sale of works of art”). Meanwhile, Saturday at 4 p.m., La Pokeria opens viale Marconi 100 (at the bottom of Ashley’s old cashmere store) which doubles up after the store opens in Tonfano. The exotic map with a Polynesian imprint which is depopulated in the big cities therefore also wants to make its way along the seafront of Viareggio. This has long seen the disappearance of public establishments, but also the opening of new catering solutions which on the one hand are exotic and international, and on the other hand are moving further and further away from the maritime tradition.

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