Video game therapy: when mental health rhymes with video games

use me video games as therapeutic, educational and re-educational tools. It seems strange and yet it is on this assumption that Video Game Therapy is based, a therapeutic approach, introduced in Italy only a few years ago, which can prove useful in the treatment of various ailments.

When thinking of video games, let’s face it, the mind often turns to entrenched stereotypesabout what i could be potential negative effectssuch as addiction, increased aggression and social withdrawal.

However, beyond the clichés, even video games, like other modes of expression, such as drawing, if they are used wisely and included in a course of care, can be transformed into a tool for valid support. For some time science has cleared customs duties video game as an activity that allows you to strengthen attentiveness, multitasking thinking and problem solving. It is now known as classic game can be useful in psychotherapy classes because it allows patients to express themselves and to act free from daily pressures, allowing therapists and other mental health professionals from get to the root of the problem and thus identify a more effective treatment.

Well, according to this new processing method, compared to the classic game, the video game would have even greater potential given its ability to represent a greater dimension in terms of stimulation and variables present.

the therapeutic goals video game therapy can be different, such as promoting emotional experimentation with each other, activate empathetic processes, stimulate emotional literacy and social feeling and also strengthen the awareness of own role.

“It’s getting harder and harder to be yourself. We live in a confused world, bombarded with images and structures that do not belong to us – explains the Doctor Francesco Bocci, creator of Video Game Therapy in Italy – Through the video game, you create a path that aims to allow you to focus on yourselfabout who you are deep inside, through the free expression of memories, emotions, thoughts, often repressed. All this regardless of the judgment of others. The video game is in fact a concentrate of lights, sounds, colors, music, images, which, if guided, can allow you to let off steam, to rediscover your creativityto remind you who you really are.

NEW YORK, NY – MARCH 01: Janelle Grace plays ‘Pac-Man’ which is one of 14 video games that are part of the ‘Applied Designs’ exhibit during the ‘Applied Design’ press preview at the Museum of Modern Art on March 1, 2013 in New York. (Photo by Countess Jemal/Getty Images)Countess Jemal

Video game therapy: from mood disorders to learning disabilities

Video game therapy thus finds various applications today: it can be used in the field psychiatricin the treatments of psychosis or mood disorders, but also in a rehabilitation context, to treat, for example, I learning disabilities in children.


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