“Virgo: justice wins, health and the environment lose”

After the hearing of the 06.04.2022 the Third Chamber of the Court of Cassation possesses Accept the call of then the managers of the so-called virgin dump and has canceledwithout reference, the sentence of the Court of Appeal of Lecce “Limited to the obligation to claim as a condition of what is seized” and has ordered the only civil party to pay the legal costs.

Later, from Mail from Taranto we learned that “for the planned rehabilitation and safety interventions, the Puglia region has allocated 7 million euros through a modification of the 2018 budget, plus 2.4 million euros which have been made available to the municipality of Taranto for the safety of the ‘zone“. Such jobs They were entrusts To the same Lutum srl. However, from the relationship of consultants of the public prosecutor, filed on 22.12.2017it doesn’t seem like “no action has been taken among those required by law for emergency safety measures, nor has any monitoring of the area and groundwater been activated for remediation (and/or permanent safety and/or or operational) of the site in question.” Not only: “no projects have been carried out, no appropriate action has actually been taken to eliminate any negative damage to the environment and the use of groundwater“. They put a piece by the Puglia region and the municipality of Taranto by allocating 9.4 million euros in total to be entrusted to Lutum, current owner of the land in the neighborhood of Palombarathe works for the securing of the site where the landfill is located.

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“When the Puglia Region and Municipality of Taranto they gave the job to Lutum, (we don’t know if with or without a call for tenders), they exploited a choice of the company, because it is one choice that of do not go to the Supreme Court by the Attorney General of Lecce, even if in appeal the acquittals of the accused had taken place”because the fact does not exist“(The old lack of evidence). It is also a choice of appeal to the Supreme Court to have the sole task overturned of the appeal sentence: the duty”preventive rehabilitation of the site where the landfill is located“. then is an unquestionable judgment of the Cassation also suppress this obligation and damn the civil party to reimburse even the legal costs to those who had been condemned in the first instance. All technically legitimate choices, but all in one direction and all leave a bad taste in the mouths of those who hoped for fairer justice. “. This is the bitter comment of the president of the association ActivateLizzano John kind on the latest developments in the Vergine landfill case.

“In a word, who made it under investigation to get polluted comes first sentencedthen acquittedthen the discount the costs of securing the landfill and the they pay even legal fees. THE citizensinstead, they must pay 9.4 million euros for rehabilitation of an old landfill which, in fact, is a private land left inside poor environmental conditions which, for the Cassation, must be secure to the detriment of taxpayer. Therefore the citizens who, exasperated by odor nuisance they denounced if they must hold and they also have to pay for the rehabilitation” commented again by AttivaLizzano.

“Just yesterday, April 13, 2022, in the ancient Ilva of Taranto the archbishop’s authoritative voice was raised santoro ask the quenching and quenching of this area, like “once again, national and international reasons are likely to weigh on local reasons, on a disillusioned community because it has been waiting for too long for industrial reasons to combine with environmental reasons“. Still in the province of Taranto, exactly a year ago (April 13, 2021), Santoro had also raised his voice on the “serious difficulties endured for years by the citizens“Which concerns the contamination of the land surrounding the two sites of the “former virgin dump“Who insist a few hundred meters from the town. the appeal to conscience it had been put in black and white in a letter addressed to the Prefect Demetrius Martino in which he writes:The earth, our home, seems to be turning more and more into a huge dump. It is essential to create a system of regulation that includes inviolable limits and ensures the protection of ecosystems, before the new forms of power derived from the techno-economic paradigm end up destroying not only politics but also freedom and justice.Flawless. In Italy we are very good at fully applying the rei favor principlethat is, the dating mechanism in fascist times It’s okay for the benefit of the investigatorwhile we are much less towards the victims which remain so even if I responsible They are coming acquitted and that in addition to the damage they suffer, mockery when the Justice it comes to him refuse – conclude from AttivaLizzano -. When art. 9 of the Italian Constitution asserts that the Republic “protects the environment, biodiversity and ecosystems, also for the benefit of future generations“, Someone understood this to the detriment of the citizens, while the”protects health as a fundamental right of individual and collective interest“From the next art. 32 a beautiful goal seems to be cherished in dream book“.

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