“Vis Pesaro must apologize to Reggiana” – Sport

by Giuseppe Marotta

“It’s Vis Pesaro who should apologize, let’s not joke. The referee did not appeal and therefore there is a technical error: the match must be replayed”.

Vittorio Cattani, general manager of Reggiana and head of the pomegranate nursery, does not look back. Indeed, the “pole-gate” concerning Reggiana-Vis Pesaro under 17 which was to be played on the field of Masone on Sunday March 13 continues. The sporting judge gave Reggiana a 3-0 at the table, and with a press release Vis Pesaro wanted us to express “the most complete satisfaction, not so much with regard to the awarding of the sporting victory, which is a just reward for our boys, as to full acknowledgment of the reconstruction of the facts as they were exposed by our society”. Once again: “The question of the safety and security of the players, preponderant and essential, nullifies any other consideration on the unsportsmanlike spirit of the managers and technicians of Vis Pesaro, who have been heavily insulted and offended both on the field only afterwards in the press and social media platforms by members of the reception team. These statements were not followed by an apology from Reggiana, nor by statements varying in tone and form.”

Director Cattani isn’t here: “This game isn’t over yet, and if there’s anyone here who needs to apologize, it’s Vis Pesato. Instead, let’s just tell the truth absolute. And they know it.”

Cattani gets to the bottom of the story: “I expect them to admit that the referee didn’t appeal, we have to replay the match. They know it very well. directly to the offending gate, without even going through the locker room. They already knew…”.

The press release from the sports judge talks about the danger to the safety of the players: “It has nothing to do with it, let me explain: in the cases that the referees check off, there are not all the existing scenarios but there are has predefined definitions, and obviously the match director he crossed out the player safety aspect, but that has nothing to do with it.” Cattani continues with a hope: “I hope the match will be played. Do we have to apologise? It’s madness. I shouldn’t add anything to the message written by Andrea Costa: that day the boys didn’t ‘have not been taught the proper value of sport, but have been shown how to win through irregularities and shortcuts’. The post was corrected: “Now it’s in order, in any case in Masone it has always been played without problems. If Vis Pesaro had not stalled, the referee would not have encountered any problem and we would have played regularly. I repeat: we are waiting for the matches. apologies from them, the call has not been made and Vis knows it well. If nothing changes, the championship will be distorted”.

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