Vito Cozzoli and Mayor Manfredi today at the Palavesuvio

Sport for all, Inclusion and Neighborhoods: presentation of the initiative at PalaVesuvio. Vito Cozzoli this afternoon (meeting at 5 p.m.) in Ponticelli with Mayor Gaetano Manfredi and Councilor Emanuela Ferrante.

Sport for all, inclusion and neighborhoods: Vito Cozzoli and Mayor Manfredi today in Palavesuvio

Along with the Asd that won the tender, the inclusion projects dedicated to the Campania region “. Also present will be the Olympians Sandro Cuomo (epee) and Manuela Di Centa (cross-country skier). motor skills and the performances of karate, judo, women’s defense technique and artistic gymnastics will already start at 4.30 p.m.

Everyone’s sport. Inclusion and neighborhoods. The capillary action of Sport and Health, the state company aimed at promoting and supporting social sport on the national territory, in collaboration with the national sports federations, the associated sports disciplines and the sports promotion bodies. An ambitious attempt to promote synergies of objectives and resources through collaborations between the sports system and institutions, local authorities and the third sector, to guarantee the right to sport and break down economic barriers to access to sport.

Everyone’s sport and not a few it is a concrete opportunity to promote sports activity as a tool for prevention, development and social inclusion, promoting correct lifestyles at all ages, in order to improve the health and well-being of individuals . Through free sports practice, a support course and an opportunity to recover are structured for fragile subjects, at risk of deviance and marginalization, also inserted in difficult contexts. A program that concretely aims at free access to sport.

Everyone plays sports in the neighborhoods is an intervention proposed to support grassroots sports associations that operate in difficult territorial contexts, using sport and its educational values ​​as a tool for development and social inclusion.

All Inclusive Sport aims to finance projects of excellence proposed by sports associations and clubs. All districts Sports promotes and supports the creation of sports and educational centers in disadvantaged suburbs and neighborhoods, created and managed by sports associations and clubs, which act as centers of aggregation open all year round, aimed at the community and all sections of age. Both interventions are promoted for the restart of sports clubs and associations (Asd/Ssd) after the most difficult months of the pandemic, with particular attention to the basic activity, which is at the heart of the company’s mission. .

In Campania 30 sports and social projects linked to All Inclusive Sportand 2 sports and social projects related to All districts Sports. They will be presented tomorrow afternoon (5 p.m.) at the headquarters of the Asd Nippon Clubthe brothers’ gymnasium Raffaele And Massimo Parlatisituated in by Argine (PalaVesuvius Of Riders). The lawyer will intervene Vito CozzoliPresident and CEO of SpA Sport and Healththe mayor of Naples Gaetano Manfredithe adviser for sport and equal opportunities Emmanuelle Ferrantethe two legends Manuela Di Centa And Sandro CuomoAnd Francesca Merendaterritorial secretary Sport and Health Campania.

Additional note: guaranteeing the right to sport and breaking down economic barriers to access to sport is the most effective way to intervene in areas in social difficulty and in urban suburbs at risk of marginalization, educational poverty and delinquency.

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