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Montecatini Terme (Pistoia), April 7, 2022 – The miracles of love. So much is the love for the father that Victory she became a tennis player who is also a fan of Inter (“Actually, I’m not. But it’s my father’s passion…”). Vittoria, a name a program, there is a surname Benedetti and on March 20, he celebrated his sixteenth birthday; born in Pesciaresiding in Ponte Buggianese, is the flag bearer of the Serie C team Sporting Club Montecatini. She gave herself a nice gift by scoring the first points in the under-18 world rankings in a few tournaments played in Sweden, Kramfors.

Daniele Balducci, her trainer, describes her as such. “He has good ball speed and a good forehand and a head on his shoulders. She’s a girl who works hard, trains a lot, always believes in it, never gives up. She was born and raised in Athletic, since he has been with us since he was 5, 6 years old”. “After trying dancing, volleyball and horseback riding – she says – I was struck by tennis. Having honeymooned with my parents in Tenerife in 2011, I spent hours watching my dad’s tennis matches. David, pizza maker of the ‘Ricciarelli’. I can cook too, but I don’t see myself in catering as a father and grandfather Renzo, deceased, who owned several restaurants including Uno Più, in Pieve a Nievole. I would like to continue in sport, maybe travel the world with tennis”.

We would like to express our solidarity with Mom federica (the father who played tennis on his honeymoon…) if it wasn’t for the fact that she also plays and is also a referee. Better to postpone, then. Vittoria studies at the Liceo Sportivo, in Montecatini Terme, and has clear ideas. “After high school, I see myself in college as England or to the United States to study and play tennis. The dream is to continue and enter the rankings WTA. In the meantime, I got 5 points in Sweden and 0.75 in Portugal, in Portimao, for the under-18 classification. AthleticI play singles and doubles. Target? Although difficult, we can try to pass in B2: if we fail, I’m sure we’ll get there next year.

My idol? Novak Djokovic, although many do not consider it the best of sympathy. But it’s strong.” There’s no doubt about it and he’s also an AC Milan player like his coach, Balducci. “I know: I’m not really Inter. But it’s the father’s passion…”. There is the slight, very slight feeling that he is crazy about dad. “Yes, have you noticed?”, he smiles. A well-branched family in Valdinievole: do you like your places of origin?

“If I have to be honest, when we go out, the little that I go out at night, we always go to Pistoia: we prefer Pistoia to Valdinievole, the Pistoians like to come to us”. Balducci, the man who beat a young Federer, non-player captain of the men’s team and responsible for this “fair sex”, pampers her eyes. As he does with all his athletes. “Victory she’s a badass who has the ability to focus on tennis, to give everything for the sport. It’s good to train this type of people. And it’s just as beautiful that the girl is named after the Valdinievole while waiting for the Old Continent and then who knows. He is proud.

Gianluca Barni

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