Vocaturo, David, Valsecchi and Brunello – OA Sport get off to a good start

The European Individual Chess Championships 2022 started today in Brežice, Terme Čatež, Slovenia, and bring variable signals for the Italian players involved, who are 15 in total. Even if, in reality, today they went to the chessboard in 13, why Lorenzo Lodici won the point for free because the Bulgarian Nadya Toncheva did not appear on the board; also, Michele Godena he did not appear in the confrontation which was to oppose him to the Macedonian Hedon Miftari.

As for the others, there are four victories to record. Daniele VocaturoItaly’s number 1, coming out of an Italian Match with the Blacks, forces the Dutch Eline Roebers to think about every move, creating more and more problems for her to the point of forcing entry into a superior rook final , bishop and pawns (including one more for him) against rook, knight and pawns. Alberto David enters, with the Ukrainian Anastasiya Rakhmangulova, in a rather rare variant (although used twice by Magnus Carlsen with the Whites) of the Sicilian Defense, but takes advantage of all the advantages in terms of position and great pressure against the bad placement of Black’s pieces to win in 42 moves.

Similar situation, under an aggressive variant of the Rejected Queen’s Gambit, for Alessio Valsecchi, which uses a clear strategic error by the Irishwoman Trisha Kanyamarala to obtain a superior pedestrian structure and a better movement of the Woman, factors which lead to the victory in 48 sections. He smiles too Sabino Brunellowho in a superior, but not easy endgame, takes advantage of a blunder by the Croatian Damjan Horvat to win the important pawn and, together, the whole game.

Chess: the 2022 individual Europeans will start tomorrow. A large Italian group was present

There are also four prints. Luigi Basso Pier fails to break through against the Dutchman Siem van Dael, who is very precise arriving in a Rooks endgame with an extra pawn, but who cannot win due to the position of these. Luca Moroniwith the Black, does not take advantage of an interesting position with the Slovenian Maj Zirkelbach, while Andrea Stella (Italian with Black for him too) finds only half a point too, with the Englishwoman Zoe Varney. He who succeeds in performing a half-miracle is the International Master Angelo Damia, which stops the Belgian Daniel Dardha well. The ending is paradoxical: the Italian, with white, has a king and a pawn, the Belgian, with black, has a knight, a king and two pawns, but the resulting position, all on the king’s side, is a equality.

Nothing to do for Alberto Barpwho gives in to number 9 on the board Ivan Cheparinov, but defends well against the Bulgarian until at least the thirtieth move, then finds himself in an inferior endgame by Alfieri of the same color and pays the consequences. Federico Mancaon the other hand, to keep up with the Armenian Shant Sargsyan, he loses a lot of time in the first fifteen strokes: the clock shows him the bill in a fairly salty and just as fast way. Gueci tea must suffer immediately with the Croatian Sasa Martinovic, finding himself almost immediately in a passive position. Plays great for twenty moves Gianni Marchesich with Luka Budisavljevic, then he does not notice any tactics in the middle of the board and suffers defeat against the Serbian Grand Master. At last, Alexandre Franco he never really had much hope with Irishman Conor Murphy.



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