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Casciavola (Pisa), April 4, 2022 – Double away defeat for both teams of Casciavola. Pediatus is beaten 3-2 by Versiliaduring Renault Class you have to go to Mass.

C-SERIES – A tie break is still fatal to PediaTuss, which falls for the second consecutive week away from home. The rossoblù team came to Seravezza in a largely incomplete formation due to the absences of Vaccaro, Guttadauro and Montagnani. Coach Barboni had to invent Tellini from his natural freestyle role to have a change available in the spiker role. With these premises, the premiere didn’t even start badly for PediaTuss, quite the contrary. Bella and his companions keep their heads forward and stretch until 18-13 which seemed the prelude to the victory of the set, but suddenly suffers the return of the opponents who with a partial of 8-2 advance to the score then win the partial in the third set of balls. The second series is exactly the opposite of the previous one. This time it was Versilia who led the dances until 17-12, only to suffer the reaction of the rossoblùs who managed to put the count of the sets on a par with a crushing final made up of a 13-5 which did not allow the replicas. The third set begins and follows the lines of the final second set. PediaTuss extends immediately and closes at 9 without ever risking anything. The inertia of the match seems completely on the rossoblù side, but in the fourth fraction everything is turned upside down and it is Versilia which dominates the scene and closes at 15. We thus pass to the tie break where PediaTuss suffers from the lack of changes, with a last shot of pride they come back from 8-5 until 9 all, then there is the decisive extension of Versilia which wins two points, leaving PediaTuss with a bitter taste.

BOARD Tre Emme Versilia – PediaTuss Casciavola 3-2 (26-24; 22-25; 9-25; 25-15; 15-10)
VERSILIA: Benzio, Bertellotti, Calevro, Castiglioni, Casu, Gianni, Giannini, Lamperi, Lossi, Maggiani, Poli, Rolla, Rustighi, Saba. Roni herds
PEDIATE: Bella, Di Matteo, Gaibotti, Gori, Lichota, Liuzzo, Masotti, Messina, Montagnani, Pugliesi. Tous.Luca Barboni; II All. Elisa Viviani; Deputy Director Maurizio Viegi
REFEREE: Ardian Velli

D-SERIES – Nothing to do for the Renault Clas which yields in three sets on the difficult ground of Robur Massa. The rossoblù coach Sabrina Bertini, at least initially, is trying to change something also in view of the U18 final next Wednesday, but in the first set the team only shows some glimpses of good play, too little, however, to remain attached to the partial which closes without ever being questioned in favor of the owners. In the second set the inertia of the race remains in the hands of the hosts, while in the third the Renault Clas play with more conviction, staying in the game until the final rush where the greater clarity of the Massesi has makes the difference.

TABLE Robur Massa – Renault Clas Casciavola 3-0 (25-14; 25-18; 25-21)
ROBUR MASSA: Arcolini, Barotti, Bertozzi, Ferrara, Fusani, Kice, Magnani, Margjoni, Piccini, Pisani, Seni, Tazzini, Tomaino, Tornaboni, Vita. Ramori herds
RENAULT class: Barsacchi, Benedettini, Biasci, Caciagli, Caponi, Cini, Corsini G, Corsini V, Luppichini, Mori, Paoletti, Pietrini. Herds Sabrina Bertini; dir. Acc. Maurizio Bellandi
REFEREE: Andreea Diana Joita


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