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Casciavola (Pisa), March 27, 2022 – Two fatal tie-breaks for the Casciavola volleyball teams in the regional championships, but if that of the Renault Clas can be understood as a point gained, that of PediaTuss corresponds to two points lost.

C-SERIES – The positive streak of PediaTuss Casciavola, who had not lost in the league since November 20, 2021, was interrupted when the rossoblùs lost 3-0 at Oasi Viareggio. And still in Viareggio, but Jenco’s formation lost 3-2, two points lost on the road in a bad day, which saw the rossoblù also lose their captain, Jessica Vaccaro who was injured on the last point of the match. Further investigations will be necessary to verify the extent of the injury, good luck to captain Vaccaro of the whole club, hoping to see you again soon on the pitch. Yet the evening had started well with the PediaTuss which in the first set had imposed its rhythm by winning the partial without too much effort. Casciavoline’s path seemed to go down, but the game already got complicated in the second set, after chasing the opponents who, point by point, became confident and aware that the outcome of the match was not at all obvious: 1 – 1 and all to do again. In the third set we see flashes of the good PediaTuss who still imposes himself without too many worries by closing the accounts at 16. The fourth set is the replica of the second, attacking boss and casciavoline unable to mend the break where Jenco has more d he physical and nervous energy, in the long run, the effort of Tuesday’s derby may have been felt at home rossoblù, so much so that the hosts start immediately strong and that PediaTuss cannot follow. Vaccaro’s unfortunate injury also comes at 14-9, just a moment before the game ends at 15-10.

BOARD Jenco Viareggio – PediaTuss Casciavola 3-2 (18-25; 25-19; 16-25; 25-18; 15-10)
JENCO: Bongiorno, Gabelloni, Lazzarini Fe, Lazzarini Fr, Masoni, Moriconi, Mosti, Niccolai, Orlandi, Pescaglini, Pesce, Spadoni, Viti. Bernieri
PEDIATE: Bella, Di Matteo, Gaibotti, Gori, Guttadauro, Lichota, Liuzzo, Masotti, Messina, Montagnani, Pugliesi, Tellini, Vaccaro. Tous.Luca Barboni; II All. Elisa Viviani; Deputy Director Maurizio Viegi
REFEREE: Joita Andreea Diana

D-SERIES – Another disproportionate performance from the Renault Clas which snatched a point on the pitch from the third force in the championship after a real battle fought in a hostile environment, perhaps too much between scorers and “ultra” managers and the public. ‘a circumstance they tried to put it in caciara. The young rossoblù team were not intimidated, however, and took the lead twice, first by winning the first set, after a very long series of set plays for and against; then when the match’s inertia seemed all to the hosts’ advantage, heading home even in the third set thanks to a fine finish of precise lines and powerful attacks. The return to school suffered, in the tie break the Renault Clas paid the many commitments of the week, it was the fourth match in eight days, and the precarious conditions of certain players who stoically gritted their teeth after spending a week being affected . In the end, there remains a valuable point that perhaps few expected, but in this second round there are many occasions when a result like this was not expected. All this is indicative of the great progress of Sabrina Bertini’s team.

DASHBOARD Orsaro Filattiera – Renault Clas Casciavola 3-2 (30-32; 25-13; 22-25; 25-16; 15-10)
FILATTIERA: Antiga, Baldini, Gianardi, Giannarelli, Laus, Lazzerini, Magnani, Marchetti, Natale, Ottolini, Pagani, Romiti, Tesconi. Herd tours
RENAULT class: Barsacchi, Benedettini, Caciagli, Chiarugi, Cini, Corsini G, Corsini V, Farella, Luppichini, Mori, Paoletti, Pietrini, Rutinelli, Viegi. Herds Sabrina Bertini; dir. Acc. Maurizio Bellandi.
REFEREE: Bernardo Grassi


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