Vuelle, entrance to the Pizza club: “Let’s save ourselves and then conceive” – ​​Sport

“Let’s save ourselves and then sit down to discuss my entry into society”. Lorenzo Pizza, who has just won another trophy with Italservice, the Italian Cup, temporarily puts 5-a-side football on stand-by – with the championship at a standstill – and plunges into a crazy week of basketball, with three matches in seven days, including the duels with the two Bolognese, who between April 10 and 16 will decide the fate of Vuelle this season. The permanence of the company in Serie A is a sine qua non condition for conducting a negotiation at the start, with the documentation arriving in the hands of its accountants, who evaluate it.

“The will is to take a step forward compared to the last decade in which there has always been a struggle not to back down – reiterates Pizza -, but it is important that the main sponsor Carpegna Prosciutto also remains and that the group of members of the consortium remains compact so it can really raise the bar, without excessive pressure, but trying to change the trend a little so as not to suffer like that anymore”.

We are thinking of two levels: the first is that of the partnership as a sponsor, already in place in this season finale with the contribution for the reinforcement, Mejeris, a player who has proven to be the key to the last positive results obtained; the other is that of joining the company for next year, which is a more complex operation, because at stake is also the role that Lorenzo Pizza would play within the management group. This aspect also has a weight, because his passion for the sport is enormous and it is normal that he expects in return the satisfactions that come when you are really involved in the adventure.

“In this period I have received many messages from friends and fans who congratulate me and push me – he says -. I am happy, but it takes patience because times are long: first my accountants are studying the documentation received from Vuelle and I am awaiting that which will arrive from the Consortium. Afterwards there will be important things to decide: the percentage of shares that I will acquire, which at the start will not be too high, and the tasks at the within the club, in view of the financial commitment that I am going to invest. Among other things, my entry could be a driving force for the entry of other young entrepreneurs with whom I have excellent relations and who have already shown an interest in basketball”.

In short, there is the intention to extend to other new forces that desire for revival that Pesaro basketball has been waiting for for a decade, hoping that each year will be the right one. The fire that smolders under the ashes is ready to revive and Easter week seems to have been placed there on purpose to experience a resurrection together.

Elizabeth Ferri

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