War in Ukraine, in the hell of the Borodyanka kennel: more than 300 dogs died because they were deprived of food and water for a month

The metal door is decorated with drawings of two dogs looking at each other and talking. The rest have bright colors, as often happens in shelters to make a place where dogs are lovingly cared for by volunteers waiting for someone to adopt them more welcoming to visitors. But behind this door there is hell, there is a massacre of dogs left without food or water for a month.

This is what they found and filmed two volunteers who ran to the kennel in Borodyanka, Ukraine. This was their first thought as soon as the city was liberated from Russian occupation.

In the first cage they can reach there are three dogs, two are still alive, the other is lying on the ground. It’s the foretaste of a horror film that they will find again shortly after: for more than a month no one has taken care of them. Neither municipal officials, nor volunteers, nor residents. Thus the dogs remained prisoners in their cages. As the volunteers rush past them to film the horror of what has been found, two noises are heard: the desperate barking of the animals and the desperate cry of those making the film.

Ukraine, more than 300 dogs die of starvation in a shelter in Borodyanka

And then the horror becomes reality: the volunteers pick up the lifeless bodies of the dogs, load them onto wheelbarrows ten, fifteen at a time. And then they stack them in a room on top of each other, probably to then burn their bodies and prevent the spread of disease.

The balance sheet shows a real massacre: out of 485 dogs, only 150 survived. And many of those who survived this hell are still in dire conditions: 27 need urgent care.

“Some dogs have survived, but many animals are in a terrible state, on the verge of life or death, requiring urgent care. Everyone is suffering from severe dehydration and exhaustion, some dogs are no longer able to walk,” one activist posted on Facebook.

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