watch out for negative health effects

Restrictive diets, diets to lose a lot of pounds in a short time that eliminate certain foods, have negative effects on health.

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We are talking about restrictive diets when the diet includes the deprivation of certain foods in order to lose many pounds in a short time. These are quick diets that many people do to get in shape, especially before a big event or before summer. But nutrition experts are against these methods.

A fast and restrictive diet completely removes the substance it needs from the body. Indeed, the body needs many vitamins, many mineral salts, as well as the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and even fats and sugars. The percentages must be well balanced, but you must not completely give up something.

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Deprivation of certain foods can have negative health effects. And there aren’t a few. So let’s see below what happens to the body if you decide to go down this kind of path.

Restrictive diets: the negative effects on health

How to lose weight quickly
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If a restrictive diet can make you lose a lot of pounds in a short time, it has very negative effects on your health. Experts warn against these in particular:

  • hormonal alteration: drastically reducing fat can create an imbalance and even skip the menstrual cycle in women;
  • constipation: you risk having hard stools and not going to the toilet well, as well as going very little in a week;
  • loss of muscle mass: due to lack of protein;
  • hypothyroidism: the thyroid may not work properly, creating a chain reaction in other body functions;
  • the rebound effect: when the fast diet ends, the weight is regained in a very short time;
  • physical and mental performance difficulties: the body and the brain must be nourished in the right way to function at their best;
  • anxiety, apathy, depression: you can develop an unhealthy relationship with food, suffer from frustration, anxiety attacks and sink into depression, so as to isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

It is natural that certain substances need to be reduced when dieting, but excess never leads to anything good. Experts advise never to do your own thing, to contact a nutritionist for a healthy and balanced diet.

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To lose weight the right way so that you don’t have health problems, you need to make small changes every day and a little movement. Over time, with commitment and patience, the pounds will disappear, the appearance and health of the whole organism will improve.

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