“We are in good health, top group and company”

CJ Taranto’s coach analyzes the victory in the direct confrontation with the basketball team: “Conte’s performance? I knew it would be a matter of time”

“I believe this group has shown consistent growth throughout 2022. Symptom of a healthy team that has found the right balance. The business sets us up to operate in the best possible way in every way. These are the ideal conditions to try again to climb the rankings“.
Words and music by coach Davide Olive who, on the sidelines of the success against Cestistico Torrenova, underlined the excellent moment of form of CJ Basket this past Sunday played the ninth symphony of this great 2022. The rossoblu after the direct clash with Messina won by reversing the score of the KO of the first leg rose to 4th place in the standings.
Coach rossoblu analyzes the victory against Zucca and his companions with the usual precision, also identifying the key that brought the game to CJ Taranto’s side, starting precisely from the difficulties of Biagio Sergio’s foul situation: “I think that our game started in the second Fourth Unfortunately in the first half we conceded 23 points, they are the first team for three-point shots in the entire league and in the first half they amply proved it. I asked for more intensity, to defend harder and we were always better in the defensive half. In this game, when he defends strongly, he has the possibility of attacking in balance, with his head free and taking advantage of the counter-attacks to decide the inertia of the race.. We collected a lot of balloons. Because of the faults of our big players we had to play longer with 4 little ones. Probably, it was also the key to the game because we matched very well with their fiery face. »
A sentiment also confirmed by coach Bartocci of Torrenovese Basketball: “Taranto’s merits must be credited for the way he played even in the struggles of Biagio Sergio’s foul problem. They collaborated more than us, a well deserved victory“.
Coach Olive, for his part, isn’t shy about giving credit to Gianmarco Conte’s great game when he asks a specific question. The last to arrive, or rather “CJ home”, was among the artisans of the turning point with 7 of his 11 points scored in a row in the third quarter: “I was very convinced that Gianmarco would have helped us a lot, even if in the first three races he seemed out of context. He needed time to fit in. Player with heart and great intensity. He knows basketball well and can read the game and the benefits. Since he arrived he’s given us that extra push and strength and that’s why we’re keeping him tight.”


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