“We are not giving up on traditional food” – Chronicle

Food has always been part of the traditions of all peoples. Typical dishes are a way of transmitting emotions and characteristics of the place of origin. Reggio is an example of this, indeed some of its foods are passed down from generation to generation. One of the most famous traditional foods internationally is Parmigiano Reggiano. Since 1612, cheesemakers get up around four in the morning to start producing this food. In the last period, some artificial machinery has been included in the production of cheese, but the production methods remain very similar to those of the past.

If you are a true Reggiano, you will surely know the “mixed platter”, so appreciated by all and composed of: parmesan cheese, varied cold cuts, fried dumplings and erbazzone, which can never be missing. This dish transmits warmth and happiness and is the symbol of family sharing. The cappeletto is unmissable: the king of Italian Christmas. Every house in Reggio brings a steaming plate of cappelletti in broth to the table on Christmas Day. It consists of a meat filling wrapped in a thin layer of egg pasta and has always been part of our tradition. Cappelletti can be bought, but it is also possible to make them at home. It is important, in fact, that young people learn to produce them, so as not to forget this ancient custom. Always thinking about food and holidays, we cannot fail to mention Carnival. In Venice he is famous for his masks, in Rio de Janeiro for his dances, in Reggio, on the other hand, for the delicious chatter and the sensational fried tortellini. These actually very simple desserts are something wonderful for every taste. They may not be very healthy, but the emotions they convey when you taste them completely pay off. But it’s not just local food that unites people in a city. We would like to conclude our review with a fruit, the master of summer. We are talking about watermelon, a fresh, sweet and very thirst-quenching fruit. This fruit, native to tropical Africa, only circulates during the summer months and is a salvation against the sweltering heat of our regions. Watermelon has become so famous that in recent times even songs have been dedicated to it – like “Watermelon sugar” by Harry Styles – and none of us can imagine a summer without this fruit. Therefore, after our research on the foods that we are most passionate about, we have come to a conclusion: the foods themselves are not important, but the stories they convey and for this reason, it is extremely important that the generations of today continue to know and cook them, so that the emotions we have felt can also be experienced by future generations.

Andrea Imperatore, Irene Zanichelli, Mirko Balugani, Paolo Alberto Junior Guidetti III C

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