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the April 7 of each year occurs on world health dayan international event that is celebrated to remind the world of a crucial global theme: the achieve the highest possible level of well-being.

This anniversary is closely linked to the World Health Organization (or WHO, World Health Organization) since April 7 is the anniversary of the founding of the WHO which began its activities in 1948.

The decisive aspect concerns the very definition of healthwhich should be more and more agreement not only as the absence of disease, but as general physical and mental well-being.

Many scientific studies have shown theimportance of prevention and health promotion to reduce the incidence of disease and mortality and therefore costs to the National Health Service (NHS) and to society but also to help maintain well-being and quality of life .

Diseases such as type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer and dementia can be partially prevented. Nearly 80% of cases of heart disease and stroke can be prevented if people are willing to change their lifestyle. In a modern conception of health, its promotion and prevention must be centered on the joint actions of various sectors of society, mainly on modifiable behavioral risk factors and on the social, economic and environmental determinants of health, without forgetting the importance of early diagnosis, the crucial role of vaccinations and the fight against inequalities.
“In the midst of a pandemic, with diseases on the rise such as cancer, asthma, heart disease – writes WHO – on World Health Day 2022, we will focus global attention on actions urgently needed to keep humans healthy and promote a movement to create a wellness-oriented societyā€¯.

Health and well-being are central to the priorities of individuals and communities, not only for seniors, but also for the youngest. Feeling good and feeling fit are key to building confidence and momentum, with new energy and impulse to life. Health insurance policies allow you to enjoy excellent health facilities, without incurring private costs and without suffering the waiting times of the public and benefit from periodic control and prevention programs as well as assistance in case of difficulty.

Generali Italia’s solution

  • full of options and services – from prevention to treatment also through periodic and personalized specialist visits
  • is tailor-made and affordable for everyone – from full reimbursement of expenses to more specific protection formulas such as for oncological treatments. It can also provide compensation and pensions in the event of reduced work capacity following an accident or illness.
  • offers more protection when you need it most – with the whole life option, health becomes truly timeless
  • directs and directs towards one’s own well-being – personalized consultations accompany the client in improving their health and lifestyle, from the doctor to the nutritionist
  • is always available- through the app, it’s easy to access medical advice, find an affiliated healthcare facility, or submit healthcare reimbursement

Never before have we understood that we should always care about health and enjoy it as long as we are physically and mentally well. There is nothing more precious in our lives than health.

For more information, clarifications and personalized advice, you can contact 800721267 or write to info@generalisaronno.it

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