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OraSì returns from the Tuscan trip with two good news. The first comes from winning the seventeenth game of the season. The second, and more important, comes from the fact that with the success of Chiusi, he reached the playoffs six days in advance, thus realizing the dream that coach Lotesoriere had been talking about in recent days. “An incredible and exciting goal, a small dream – says Lotesoriere -. These guys are doing something extraordinary, being able to guide them on this path fills me with pride. All of them believed in this project from the start, they are still giving 200% and they deserve to enjoy this milestone with great joy”.

The next six days, two of the regular season and four of the chrono phase, will therefore be used to trace the precise position of the Giallorossi on the grid for the playoffs. A result that goes well beyond the rosiest expectations. “We have achieved a small dream, now we want to try to play it in the best possible position – underlines Lotesoriere, who dedicates this milestone to all those who work behind the scenes -. The special dedication goes to our president Roberto Vianello , who held a lot to a prestigious result, to the director Giorgio Bottaro, who always believed in us, to the sporting director Mauro Montini, to our volunteers and to all the fans”.

On Sunday, at 17, at Pala De André, OraSì will receive the Scafati leaders in the big game of the 25th round, for which the presale has already started and will continue until Friday, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the headquarters of Basket Ravenna and in line on the Vivaticket circuit. But it’s good to step back and remember how this result was achieved, because all of this wouldn’t have been possible without Chiusi’s success. A victory that is not easy to predict since Ravenna had not won away since the end of January and in the first leg had been under pressure from the Tuscans all the way. This time the team only suffered in the first part, then took action against the opponents and closed the game with a great last quarter. “In the first half we made a few too many mistakes, especially on the turnovers – commented Nicola Berdini -, but over the minutes we adapted to their pressure and we grew defensively. The good performance comes from strong defense.”

Defense which is the trademark of OraSì de Lotesoriere, even if the team expresses itself just as well in the offensive phase. Chiusi, for example, had never lost at home suffering 85 points and OraSì achieved this feat sending five men in double figures. Berdini, in particular, scored 10 points, targeting all shots that came from his hands: 1 v 1 by twos, 2 v 2 by threes and 2 v 2 free throws. “Each match has a different protagonist and this does not offer opponents reference points. It shows that we are a tight-knit group – comments Berdini -. After a difficult period, we tried to regain the feeling that we had lost with the game “. The last two games show that the team has achieved its objective: it is therefore now only a question of inserting newcomer Gabriele Benetti in the best possible way to have new room for growth. After Scafati, OraSì will close the regular season with the Forlì derby. Immediately afterwards, the stopwatch phase will begin, during which each club will meet the two teams that follow it in the classification at home and the two that precede it away.

Stefano Pece

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