“We want to continue with Mr. Colavitto” – Sport

by Andrea Fiano

“Let’s start again with the enthusiasm that we need and that we had until a few weeks ago. Without feeling sorry for ourselves, on Sunday we made a bad impression, but we must react with compactness, desire and motivation. With the weapons that we have used before and that we will need them now to finish this season well”. Ancona Matelica sporting director Francesco Micciola presses the reset button. Another defeat, that against Gubbio, the second in a row, must be quickly forgotten, but the moment of the reds and whites is certainly negative, of involution of the results, but also technical. A “down” began unconsciously the moment salvation was achieved.

Is it time for the stick or the carrot?

“I spoke to the team, I am very balanced. The players know what I asked of them and what I want. There is no need to beat, we are preparing for the away game in Siena.”

What’s wrong ?

“In the space of a season, negative periods happen. We lost and it’s physiological to have these drops especially for a team with several players. It’s a place that doesn’t want to make a bad impression and we neither.” the boys know they are not doing well in these last two games. The trend is ups and downs, it’s our season, even if we saved the category well in advance, it’s not enough”.

Mr. Colavitto underlined how the quality of the finalization failed: do you agree?

“The coach is right, there was certainly a lower quality in the last meters. We accept good criticism, but we think about working and reacting.”

Sixth or seventh place? How to face the last three days?

“We have to finish well because all the sacrifices made by the club, the technical staff and the players deserve it. The guys delighted us, but we want to finish well because it’s true.”

Chapter Colavitto: the contract expires. Will he still coach Ancona?

“We plan to talk to the coach to stay with us. The intention is to continue with Colavitto. In the meantime, let’s think about the tournament final.”

Tomorrow closing scheduled for the transfer of ownership from Mauro Canil to Mr. Tony Tiong. Are you already planning Ancona’s future for next season?

“We are always firm, when the time comes we will sit down and prepare for the future.”

In your opinion, did the whole situation experienced last week in the minds of the players when they entered the field against Gubbio have an influence or not?

“I don’t know if it influenced him, it’s hard to get into each of the boys’ heads, but we have to get used to it because Ancona is an important place that has different media coverage and therefore we also have to carry the attention that the city requires”.

What impressions did Mr. Tiong have of you and how do you think Canil handled the situation?

“Canil is an entrepreneur and he handled the situation very well; Tiong made a very good impression on me, they are both smart people who know what they want and need to do.”

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