“We will have to make a big investment in mental health”

CATANZARO “We will have to make a big investment in mental health, because two years of pandemic have brought problems that the regional health system must face with great determination, and we would like to show that Calabria is among the most virtuous regions” . Thus the President of the Region and Calabrian Commissioner for Health, Roberto Occhiuto, during the regional conference for mental health which took place at the Citadel. The meeting allowed to take stock of the critical problems and delays that Calabria is facing in the socio-health system and the proposals “from below” to overcome the difficulties, starting with the strengthening of the so-called “health budget”.

The intervention of associations and the third sector

First of all, Rubens Curia, spokesperson for the competent Community, illustrated the sense of initiative. “The message we want to send – explained Curia – is to start, with this conference which had a preamble on February 25 in a meeting with President Occhiuto, a discussion with regional institutions and operators in the sector to solve the issues of the unresolved years We first request that a mental health technical board be put in place aimed at endorsing the mental health action plan, we then request that an operational child neuropsychiatry unit hospital be created, which is lacking in Calabria and is shameful, we ask that the strengthening of territorial child psychiatry, we ask for the reopening of the Rems of Girifalco, and we also ask that the health budget be tested, which other Regions have The health budget – pointed out the spokesperson of the competent Community – is used to tackle problems related to professional, social and housing for all of these people. From there, we hope that a close confrontation will begin”.

For Marina Galati, president of CNCA Calabria, “this conference is important because it has been promoted by civil society, associations and families involved for some time in mental suffering. We believe that people with mental disorders should above all stay in our communities and this means building individualized projects. We are talking about the health budget which is a tool and a methodological approach, that of starting from the construction, with the person, the family and the territory, of interventions which concern the quality of life of people and which guarantee true inclusion social. We ask the Region to strengthen mental health services in the territories, now dismantled, and to focus on the health budget. There are ad hoc funds at national level for mental health services: it is necessary that these resources are also spent in Calabria. We – noted Galati – are committed to overseeing concretely so that all this can be achieved”.
The spokesperson for the Calabria Forum of the Third Sector Luciano Squillaci contributed to the debate: “On mental health and fragilities in general, our proposals are extremely clear. We must rethink proximity, and especially territorial management. In this sense, it is essential to use tools such as the health budget and other similar tools that make it possible to completely change the paradigm, that is, to leave the issue of health centers as as such and rather to enter into the perspective of community management. . We must not think of territories that take care of the sick, among other things, but we must think of welcoming communities within which there are people with their fragilities. Unfortunately, in Calabria there are delays: beyond the economic and structural delays, the most serious delay – underlined Squillaci – is the lack of socio-sanitary integration, in the sense that the fragilities cannot be addressed without considering health in connection with sociability, school, work. To think of health as a single concept of disease is now absurd”.

Minasi and Occhiuto’s intervention

At the work of the regional conference for mental health, the regional adviser for social policies, Tilde Minasi: “We are registering today, after the period of confinement, an increase in mental illnesses. Il nostro obiettivo è chiaramente quello di costruire politiche sociali che possano superare la logica dell’assistenza fine a sé stessa, che, sebbene possano superare la logica dell’assistenza fine a sé stessa, è un’azione che guarda all’oggi ma non al future. We therefore try – explained Minasi – to build a new well-being. We come up against the crucial challenges of a health system that is reorganizing, but the Department is working tirelessly on socio-health integration which has not yet been put in place and also on a reform of social protection which presents some challenges. crucial and which I intend to see again”. Finally, the intervention of Governor and Commissioner Occhiuto: “It is a good thing that third sector organizations and associations dealing with mental health are meeting with the Health Commissioner to make contributions to be integrated into the regional operational plan. We are talking about associations that live at the forefront of the need to improve the health needs of Calabrian citizens and can offer a real contribution. We – concluded Occhiuto – are ready to present our operational plan; we will do this at the next Adduce Table, and it will also be enriched by indications from organizations such as the Competent Community”. (about)

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