What a “hunger” for major sporting events here in the South!

A noble story. Fact of business and emotions. A life in search of redemption even in sport, fertile ground to make the smallest communities proud and lead them to the most coveted shores. For our territory, sport has often represented an opportunity to escape from the worries of everyday life and to raise one’s shield. An important social role which has often masked the torments of a southern Italy historically set back from the vast offer of the Centre-North. A way of saying “we are here too” in a landscape where the wealth of the North has deeply marked decades of elite sport.

Yet our land has often beaten the classic blow, responding with heart and passion to the money of powerful historians. He did it in football and basketball, especially, where millions flow in rivers and leaving his mark has always been a titanic undertaking. The ball told of memorable exploits in our arm of land. It was to open the door to glory Messina in the 1960s, the era of Italian turmoil was in full swing. It is no coincidence that the sporting exploits of these fantastic biancoscudati promoted to Serie A in ’63 accompanied the flourishing progress of a city that was the pride of the entire South. Catanzaro of Miracles put on the shoes of an entire region eager for success. And it was the apotheosis in the capital and in all the corners of Calabria where pride and desire for redemption were mixed. Palanca was the symbol of a “working-class” team with a big heart. And then the fantastic cycle of the Regina who managed to play nine Serie A championships giving a new shine to the Calabrian community. Until the lightning return of Messina to the Olympus of football with a city that for too little time has enjoyed the privilege of belonging to the parlor of our football.

Because sport – and therefore football which in Italy represents its maximum expression – is a resource of any territory, especially if it manages to move the economy while providing work at the same time. Serie A in our region has moved millions of euros, has been a panacea for our economy, has given employment to young and old, has had a considerable social function, has stimulated politics by pushing municipalities and the regions to invest in the territory to live until the event, it made whole generations dream and awakened this sometimes dormant sense of belonging.

A flywheel that has caused the turbo of an economy that too often suffers from territorial development that, unfortunately, only major events are able to stimulate. A golden era to revitalize a territory that has found in sport an opportunity to revive economically. Today reconstruction is knocking on the doors and Calabria and Sicily intend to participate in it. The call is in Rome for the great sport to return to us and for the great events to pitch their tents on our side, taking care, first of all, of the infrastructural aspect of the systems whose restyling requires the availability of the Municipalities and the will of governments. We cannot imagine a future of victories without investments that represent the basis for trying to win, for having a national voice.
Reggio wants to return as a great protagonist in both football and basketball, reviving a story that speaks for itself; Cosenza still lives with the eternal dream of setting foot where it has never been in its long history; Crotone translates into the toughest days by planning a new cycle of victories; Catanzaro has been preparing for a few seasons something important that the city is looking forward to; Messina can’t stay away from the football that matters any longer.

And sports policy can reach our places if Rome manages to win the 2032 European Football Championships: a great opportunity for economic and structural development as happened with the 1990 World Cup. A bit like what happens with the Giro d’Italia which not only brings joy and good publicity to our territory but also some useful “patches” on our roads; the two-wheel event this year will return to the protagonist in Sicily and Calabria with the inevitable great reflection also at the tourist level.
The territory is “hungry” for big events, it doesn’t take much to ignite the passion and only with the right tools we can do our best to achieve the goals. To unblock a southern question which has always also affected Sport.

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