What are Queen Elizabeth’s actual health conditions?

She first attends a public event, then she is advised to rest. But how is Queen Elizabeth really doing? Here is the whole truth about his health

For several months in Britain a particularly thorny subject is under discussion: how is there queen elizabeth? People are curious to know his real health condition as they are very worried about some mixed signals. Indeed, in October 2021, the old sovereign was hospitalized for several days. The doctors advised her not to exert any effort and she followed those instructions.

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In the following months, in fact, His Majesty he did not physically participate in various public engagements, speaking remotely. Even the usual lunch of Christmas it took place in a reduced form and in safe conditions, due to the advancement of the variant Omicron. Despite all these security measures, queen elizabeth he tested positive for covid and remained in solitary confinement for a few days.

Once negative, the old ruler attended a meeting with Justin TrudeauPrime Minister of Canada, resuming his schedule of meetings as if nothing had happened. Elizabeth II he received the Canadian Head of State without using a cane, contrary to what happened during the last public demonstrations. All of this baffles British subjects, who continue to wonder what it’s really like there. queen elizabeth. And that is precisely what we want to discover today with our readers.

Carlo: “Here are the real conditions of Queen Elizabeth”

First hospitalization, then lunch Christmas in reduced form, then the covid and finally the return to public events. Confusion reigns supreme Buckingham Palace because everyone wants to know the truth about the health status of queen elizabeth. As reported by Daily Mail, Carl, William and daughter Anna they will replace the former sovereign when she does not attend the most tiring events.

Philip Elisabeth 22-03-2022
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From Buckingham Palace rumors arise of a possible depression due to the death of Prince Philip and the estrangement of his nephew Harry. To date, in fact, Elizabeth II has yet to meet his last granddaughter, Lilibet Dianeborn on June 4, 2021. To silence rumors about a possible deterioration in the sanitary conditions of queen elizabeth his son intervened directly Carl. Here are the words of the prince, recently involved in a scandal involving a member of his family.

“My mother is fine, it’s not easy to be 95, you’re starting to feel the weight of age. He’s pretty bad at 73″concluded the eldest son of Elizabeth joking, trying to release the tension. The British tabloids speak of a reassuring facade but there seems to be queen elizabeth will not be participating in several public engagements in the coming weeks. The aim would be to get in shape for the celebrations Platinum Jubileescheduled for next June.

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