When a year is decided at the last race – Sport

by Roberto Grimaldi

Almost summer heat, a thousand adrenaline, full stadium, desire to party but also fear that everything will go wrong. That is, when you play the whole season in the last home game. Once again, Giallobl├╣ supporters will experience this situation on April 23, in a match upside down, make or break. There will be no tomorrow. This has happened before in the history of the Canary Islands and whoever was there remembers it well.

The last time we remembered it several times, especially after the audacious victory against Imolese. Gagno’s 92nd-minute carryover goal recalled Ginestra’s 97th-minute goal away to Brescello: that victory on the final push meant De Biasi’s Modena could play for promotion to Serie B on the final day at home against the Leccos. The points advantage over the pursuer (Como) was two, with a victory it would have been done. The team took with them the enthusiasm of Brescello and did not miss the appointment: a penalty scored by Grieco in the 48th minute, Scoponi doubled in the 69th minute. And the scenario of the big victories was staged: rides around the city, honking the horn and swimming in the fountains. But going back, there are at least four last days at Braglia that radically decided an entire season. The older ones will remember Modena-Monza, a mythical match that was played on June 29, 1977. The Canarian team coached by Pinardi needed a victory to save themselves and stay in Serie B. Too bad the opponent of service be the great. Monza, who instead needed two points to advance to Serie A. Brianza had champions such as Terraneo, Buriani and Antonelli among their ranks, all players who went on to step into the top flight. Modena took the lead thanks to a goal from Rimbano, who sadly left us a few days ago. Buriani drew, then, two minutes from time, a mustache kick from Bellinazzi’s goal, deflected by a defender, ended up in the back of the net.

Things got worse on June 19, 1988: after the rise in Serie B on the last day two years earlier, June 1, 86 (Modena-Ancona 1 to 0,) again in Braglia, the Canarian team coached by Gigi Mascalaito played for salvation against Genoa, level on points. A struggle between desperate, with a draw that would not have helped anyone. The griffins passed with Di Carlo on penalty, Masolini drew, still on the spot. Then it was Scanziani, future Canary trainer, who scored the advantage, with Briaschi rounding off. Perhaps one of the worst days in the history of the Canary Islands. A story that, however, still at the end of the season, saw another page of celebration: it was June 14, 1992, and in the last championship a victory against Messina, a team also entangled in the bottom of the table, was imposed. . On an error by the goalkeeper, after 3 minutes, Provitali scored, but Protti equalized the score. In the end, a defender, Gianfranco Circati, who now lives in Australia, solved this with a shot on the shoulder placed in a cross from the right. Finally on June 10, 2007: it was the goals of Longo and Pinardi that kept Serie B going, beating Frosinone in the last act in Braglia.

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