When Zidane thought he was rare

TORINO – “Surreal scene: we were in Vicenza, punishment from the edge, Zidane and I on the ball. He looks at me and says: you kick him. The eyes widen: Zizou, are you crazy? You have to shoot”he smiles Michele Padua, memory and ? gently paradoxical: “At first Zidane he was ashamed to beat the punishments. He was afraid of making mistakes, of being criticized and of asking me to beat them for him: crazy things. In training he put 10 out of 10 with Peruzzi in goal, in the game he was scared against Vicenza. But his acclimatization isn’t? it was easy, these first four months of Juventus were hard for him, even if his talent was something immense “.

LIPPI SAYSImmense, Yes?. So big that mere mortals didn’t even appreciate it all, why? modesty combined with humility? the Zidane man was holding the footballer back and so on? some more numbers? phenomenal pearls were given to teammates in closed training sessions. “Sometimes you looked at him and laughed at what he was capable of doing”recount Lippi: “We looked at each other and laughed, as if to say: but look at what he did.” Obviously with the greatest simplicity?, the one who deceived Anthony With you: “The games seemed easy and I thought to myself: I can do it too. Then you tried and got a silly figure. Once, twice, three times: in the end I realized that only he could do certain things”. Only him and Maradonapadovano says: “What I saw Zizou invent, maybe only Diego showed it to me”.

MICHEL SEND IT – However, in these first months of Juventus, everything was gray for Zinedinethe boy who grew up in the slums of Marseilleslearning his magic on the asphalt of the alleys. Where was the champion who had enchanted Platini to the point of designating him as his heir? He had started to get lost in the European Championship in England, with a talented but disorganized France, then he found himself in the maze of the installation at Juventus, who already? had swallowed so many champions, starting with Platinum. And part of the fault was certainly with Michel, who had it recommended to the lawyer and praised by the media, raising the bar of expectations beyond the insecurities of the shy Zidane, a phenomenon without knowing it. The same Agnelli then put a decent charge, wanting to tease his friend Platini on the subject, he invented his own joke. Fierce is it?: “I hope Zidane is what they told me and not what I saw at the European Championship.”. Whore ! Tuttosport pursues it and publishes an investigation on June 30: “Zidane: and? Was it a good buy?”. Titling is? a whip: “A foreigner in discussion: the concerns of Agnelli and all Juventus supporters over the last presumed champion”. Thinking about it now, sheer madness.

SHY CHAMPION – Zizou, however?, takes his part. Wonders in training, shyness in the game, where he no longer takes a step? three meters long, never dribble, float in mediocrity?. Lippi understands that he must intervene: “I took him aside and told him: you are a phenomenon and, believe me, you will always play in this team. I won’t carry you? never questioned”. The comrades gather around him: “He had a smile that made you melt. Before the champion there was a human being and in the locker room there was no one who did not like him”recount Rampulla. Decisive and? also the involvement of Monterowho charges him, convinces him to dare, even threatens to lead him to the next training session if he hadn’t used his talent in the game. And Montero could be convincing.

THE GOAL AT INTER – Pampered by the locker room, Does Zidane dare a little more?. He grew up, took courage and on October 20, 1996, against Inter, scored one of his finest goals? beautiful at Juventus with a shot at twenty-five meters which slips under the intersection of the door of Pagliuca. A feat of power and precision, born from equally delicious ball control. “Incredible Zidane”, is written. He hugs everyone, especially the bench. And after the game he only sighs “for a long time”. He is stunned, but he knows he is out of the nightmare. The day after and? that of celebrations, submits to them reluctantly, does not like the spotlight, and? a natural antidivo and doesn’t even want to take credit for the goal: “I copied him from Del Piero, but he scored a lot, I only have one”. But will you not ask from this day forward? After? in Padovano, right? no one else, to beat the punishments for him.

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