where to bring medicine, food and clothing

The first buses loaded with basic necessities for the Ukrainian population gathered in Rome arrived on Monday February 28 towards Eastern Europe (the Romanian border to be precise, editor’s note). After the (endless) queues on Sundays to deposit one’s contribution at the parish of Santa Sofia via di Boccea 478, collections in the city are multiplying. Three are those made directly by the Ukrainian community and refer to stores in the colors of the Ukrainian flag

Collection points are located in Montesacro via Nomentana 633a, Primavalle via Enio Bonifazi 8a and Subaugusta via Sestio Calvino 32. Too many Romans arrive here with food, clothes and medicine. The owners are looking for storage to bring the material and, once found, the address will be made public.

Another collection point for goods for Ukraine is located via di Brava 132. “We have another collection point – informs Halyna Pryshlyakivska -. Via Di Brava 132 (Boccea connection area). This warehouse is designed for a supply massive in help. And also for those who have the ability to bring collection from other points of assistance. The furs will be loaded here. We bring individual packages to the stores. Excellent request to bring everything that is packaged and signed (medicines, food and clothes separately). Tel: 3283299810 – Zoryana; 3283013613 “.

Another collection point has been activated at the XI town hall, in the old Quartararo school in via della Magliana 296. It is possible to donate pasta, olive and sunflower oil, rice, coffee, tea, rusks, Nutella, snacks, tuna, jars of preserves, vacuum-packed cheeses, medicines (analgesics, anti-inflammatories, oki task, aspirin, tachipirin, ibuprofen, plasters, syringes, syringes for blood coagulation, bandages rubber bands, long-lasting insulin, vitamins), diapers, antifreeze wipes. The collected goods will be delivered to the Ukrainian Church of Santa Sofia via Boccea. The days dedicated to the collection of goods are: Monday, Thursday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.; Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

What is necessary?

“Right now, more than food or clothes – explains to Rome Today Oles Horodetskyy, activist of the Christian Association of Ukrainians – we mainly need medicine. The appeal is to refer to these three addresses, as well than in the parish of Santa Sofia, the largest in Rome”.

Collection of goods which mainly includes economic aid, medicines such as painkillers, anti-flu medicines, haemostatics, vitamin and iron supplements, medicine equipment and syringes, antiseptics and disinfectants. In addition to this also orthopedic equipment, diapers and sleepers, wet wipes, sleeping bags and camping mats, torches of all kinds, batteries and long-lasting food.

The collection of the Salvabebè-Salvamamme association: what is needed

The Salvabebè-Salvamamme Association has also organized an active collection of basic necessities from Monday February 28 to Wednesday March 2 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. via Giacomo Raffaelli, the association’s operational headquarters, where the vehicle with the logo will remain parked. Association Salvabebè – Salvamamme with the Romanian Association in Italy, for the collection of basic necessities for refugees from Ukraine. The request is for shelf-stable and shelf-stable and non-perishable foods, new or undamaged winter clothing (including heavy jackets, blankets), children’s hygiene products (diapers, bubble baths ) and for adults (diapers), new personal linen (underwear, socks, pajamas, towels), blankets and sheets, winter clothing (scarves, sweaters, coats, duvets, clothes, warm shoes), which must be new or in perfect condition and individually wrapped.

Aid for Ukraine and Action Collection Centers

Collection of goods for the Ukrainian population which also sees Action, the party of the Calenda list, taking the field. Here are the collection points divided by area: Town Hall II: Sunday March 6 10-12: 30 Piazza San Saturnino; town hall V: Friday 4 March 9am-12pm Piazza dei Mirti; VIII Town Hall: Sunday March 6

Section Pd Montesacro

A collection of basic necessities to be allocated to the Ukrainian Church of Rome promoted by the Pd Montesacro Section on Saturday March 5 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Piazza Monte Baldo, 8. Pasta, olive oil, sunflower oil, rice , coffee, tea, rusks, Nutella, snacks, tuna, cans, vacuum-packed cheeses, medicines, Oki stain, aspirin, tachipirina, ibuprofen, dressings, syringes, syringes for blood coagulation, elastic bandages, pampers, antifreeze wipes, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, insulin (long-lasting), metformin and vitamins.

Ecoitaliasolidale’s collection

The Ecoitaliasolidale association organizes the “Solidarity Tent” in the Marconi district of Rome, from 5 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in Viale Marconi, at the corner of Via Francesco Grimaldi. It will follow next Saturday March 5 with another collection point in the historic center of Ostia Antica in Piazza Gregoriopoli.

Reception center in Poland

Also in the field, the Civil Protection Emergencies Operational Group, which “is organizing a major collection of food and basic necessities to be brought directly to Poland in the Przemysl region (Poland) where a reception center will be set up for all mothers. children fleeing the war in Ukraine. Roe operators are ready to set up around 200 beds and provide basic necessities such as blankets, hygiene products and long-term food”.

Reception center but also collects basic necessities, as Roe explains: “For the occasion, 2 food collections are active at Carrefour Dima Shopping and at the national headquarters of the emergency operational group via Bolognela 7 in Rome. non-perishable and non-short-term food, hygiene products for adults and children (diapers for children and the elderly, paper towels, bubble bath, etc.), new personal linen (underwear, socks, pajamas, towels) , blankets and sheets, winter clothes (scarves, sweaters, coats, duvets, clothes, warm shoes). All products must be individually wrapped and sealed. The harvest will end on Friday March 4 and on Saturday March 5 at 06:00 a.m. in a mobile column, a Roe delegation will leave Rome in the direction of Poland”.

Help for Ukraine Italian Violet Cross in Albano Laziale

Rome but also the provinces, as in Albano Laziale where it is the Italian Crimson Cross which launched a collection of goods for the Ukrainian population. As vice-president Matteo Ciapellano explains, it is possible to bring the goods to their headquarters at piazza Giacomo Matteotti 8: “What we urgently need now are foodstuffs: canned goods, coffee , long-life UHT milk, biscuits, cheeses and sous vide, but also clothing such as shoes for adults and children, neonatal, adult and child clothing and blankets Crove Viola which has also opened a fundraiser: Iban: IT76 X034 4138 990C C011 0000 448. Directed to: Croce Viola Italiana-Odv. Bank: Blu Banca SPAVia Nettunense Km. 4,600. Causal assistance and support Ukraine”.

Nvg civil protection Guidonia Montecelio

From March 1, the Nvg civil protection of Guidonia Montecelio also organized a collection of basic necessities for the Ukrainian population. “In particular, they serve: shelf stable (mostly canned) food for children; diapers for children; laundry detergent/soap for children; diapers for adults. Collection time is Monday to Friday from 4 to 7:30 p.m. at the Nvg Civil Protection headquarters in Via Roma 145. The collection will end on March 15. Thank you to everyone who donates.”

Animals with Enpa

Refugees, but also their pets. As the ENPA (National Animal Protection Agency) explains: “As we had already anticipated, the Ministry of Health has authorized access to our country for Ukrainian refugees with their pets in derogation of the current legislation for the movement of pets within the European Union”. “In the light of this important opening, strongly hoped for by Enpa since the beginning of the conflict, – declares Carla Rocchi, national president of Enpa – the entire national network of kennels and health shelters as well as catteries managed by the National Animal Protection Body, from north to south, he is ready to be received in agreement with the public health services”.

“It is an important decision to meet those who, fleeing the war, have chosen not to abandon their pet. Our sections are ready to welcome the dogs and cats of Ukrainian refugees who are heading to Italy with a need for accommodation. As Enpa, we immediately got involved on several fronts to help in these dramatic times. We also arrange pet food and veterinary drug shipments. We have opened a direct contact channel with Enpa members and volunteers of Ukrainian nationality to collect all reports and requests for intervention and an e-mail, ucraina@enpa.org, linked to the emergency”.

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